Review: Half Past Danger #3


As the team prepare for an all-out assault on the Nazi base, friendships are formed and secrets revealed. It’s four operatives against an entire company of S.S., led by the formidable Oberleutnant Toht. And then of course there are the scores of unleashed dinosaurs…what could possibly go wrong?

half past coverWe’re already at the halfway point for IDW’s Half Past Danger. The big two-fisted action-adventure story that pays homage to the matinee era of movies is about to reach its climax. The series is created, written and drawn by Stephen Mooney with colors by Jordie Bellaire. So how does the midway point stack up?

Tommy “Irish” Flynn, Captain Noble, Ishikawa, and Agent Moss are trying to figure out what their next move will be. They found out that the Nazis are trying to capture the dinosaurs on the island to figure out why they were able to survive the pathogen that wiped all the other dinosaurs out. If Hitler’s scientist can figure out a way to immunize themselves, they will release the pathogen on the world and turn the tides of war to Germany’s favor. The shipment of dinos are heading out first thing in the morning, and the ragtag group Irish has found himself a part of have to act fast. They plan their attack on the base Irish spotted in issue one that led to him losing his men as they tried to bypass the camp. Once they attack, things go by fast, it’s explosive, and everyone might not make it out alive. Will the group be able to stop the Nazi’s plans with a head-on assault? Are they already too late to stop the fiendish Nazi dinosaur plan?

Mooney writes another stellar issue. The major parts of the story, featuring a little more information on the mysterious Captain Nobel, are packed in the first several pages. After that it’s explosions, action, and dinosaurs running wild. That’s not to say it’s light on story, it’s there and it’s good but this is an action-packed issue. This one proves more than any other that this is a 50s/60s action-adventure movie with the budget of a modern day blockbuster. If this was released in the movie age it pays homage to, people’s minds couldn’t handle it. Bellaire’s colors are just as great. The yellowing on the sides of the page is a great touch to make this feel like an old story. With all the explosions and dinosaur action, she gets a lot of scenes to really play around with.

Bottom Line: Half Past Danger is one of the most fun comics you will read. It’s a WWII movie with a dash of Indiana Jones and the budget and action of a Michael Bay film (that should be taken as a compliment in this instance). Mooney hooked readers in with issue one, and it’s been a nonstop joy ride ever since 5/5

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