Review: Green Lantern #21 Featuring The New Creative Team

Review of: Green Lantern #21
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Robert Venditti

Green Lantern #21

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On June 5, 2013
Last modified:June 5, 2013


All of reader’s doubts about a new creative team should be laid to rest with the first issue.

Hal Jordan becomes the leader of the most feared and hated group in the universe: The Green Lantern Corps! New faces, new threats and a new beginning for the GREEN LANTERN monthlies!

Green Lantern #21 comes out today. It’s the first issue of the post-Geoff Johns era, so expectations are pretty high. Writer Robert Venditti, artists Billy Tan, inker Richard Friend, and colorists Ales Sinclair and Tony Avina seem up to the challenge though. So is the new era of Green Lantern off to a good start or are Johns shoes just too big to fill?

The Corps is in complete disarray after the events of the last issue. The battle against the First Lantern was won, but it had a grave cost. The Guardians were destroyed and the entire GL Corps’ infrastructure on Oa was decimated. The new Guardians have been put in place, but they aren’t quite ready to take over just yet. They need someone to lead the Corps while they learn from their predecessors mistakes. They have a lot of catching up to do having been locked in a box for billions of years. There’s only one man for the job. The only problem is that it’s Hal Jordan. How will the anti-authoritarian lantern deal with being the authority? There isn’t a lot of time to adjust to his new role and the process of getting new recruits. Larfleeze sees Oa is weak and seizes the opportunity to grab everything he wants. The new recruits are coming in, but can they survive this trial by fire? There’s also that mysterious teaser we get in the opening pages featuring the main power battery dying and Hal and the Corps thrown against the ropes by a menacing new villain.

Venditti writes a fantastic script. Johns basically wrote the end of the Green Lantern universe with his finale, so that’s a really hard act to follow. How do you go from the end of the entire story to a new beginning? Venditti does it surprisingly well. This isn’t an issue where everyone gets a breather after facing the First Lantern. As soon as that threat is over, another one comes along. Everyone thinks it’s time to rebuild, but now they have to hold off a fierce attack by the Orange Lantern. Venditti raises the bar on the action and keeps up with the hectic pace Johns set. Tan and Friend do just as great a job with the art. When a new team comes in, there’s usually a period of adjustment. Not so with this one. Page 1 keeps up the great standard and sets up some impressive new things.

Bottom Line: All of reader’s doubts about a new creative team should be laid to rest with the first issue. It’s not a completely perfect issue, but it is definitely a home run. Geoff Johns reinvented the wheel when it came to GL, but it looks like Venditti is a suitable heir to the throne…or power ring as it were. 4/5

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