Review: Ghostbusters #9

Review of: Ghosbusters #9
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Erik Burnham

Ghosbusters #9

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On November 6, 2013
Last modified:November 6, 2013


Burnham sets up what looks to be a fun and spooky two-part story that delivers equal parts plot and action.

“Devil’s Night” — When he died, Stingy Jack couldn’t get into Heaven or Hell, and has wandered the Earth ever since. He’s made his way to Manhattan, he’s feeling malicious… and if the Ghostbusters can’t stop him, he’ll burn the city to the ground! It’s the beginning of a busy season of horrifying holidays for our heroes — HAPPY HORROR DAYS starts here!

This week we get a look into the Ghostbusters’’ busiest time of year in the first of a new two-part story, Happy Horror Days! Ghostbusters #9 is written by Erik Burnham with art from Dan Schoening. Luis Antonio Delgado handles colors with Gilberto Lazcan providing lettering. So does the Ghostbusters’ busiest work season make for an interesting read, or should we wait to check in with them when they’re not so occupied?

Stingy Jack was a scoundrel. The devil came to claim him, but he was too tricky to be taken. Having made it so the devil would never claim him, he went about living the rest of his life. When it came time to finally give up the ghost, he found he couldn’t get into heaven and the devil said he was going to stick to his word. Having no place to go, the devil gave Jack an ember from the pit to light his way as he looked for his place of rest for all eternity. Back in the present, it’s October 29th and the Ghostbusters are swamped. This time of year always have plenty of strange things in all of New York’s neighborhoods. After a particularly hectic day, the ‘Busters are called in on a fire that has an otherworldly origin. When they arrive on the scene, they find it’s more complicated than they imagined. When a fire rages in Central Park, Stingy Jack sees an opening to rectify his situation. With the Ghostbusters offering him a possible out, he’ll stop at nothing to end his wandering. Can the Ghostbusters stop the fires and end Stingy Jack’s chaos? Even if they catch Jack, will that be a good thing or a bad thing?

Burnham writes a great story. He writes a fun, fast-paced Ghostbusters story that gives us an interesting antagonist. Most Ghostbusters stories have a ghost, the gang bust it, the story is over. This time we get something a little more complex and intriguing than a one-and-done villain. Schoening’s art is fantastic. This issue has more ghost and supernatural elements than some of the more recent issues. Schoening gets to play around with a lot of different locations and characters, and it makes for some striking visuals on the page. Delgado’s colors help tie it all together. Having more supernatural elements, Delgado gets to some vibrant and absolutely stunning work with the ghosts and fires both actual and otherworldly.

Bottom Line: Burnham sets up what looks to be a fun and spooky two-part story that delivers equal parts plot and action. Ghostbusters has been a consistently fun and beautiful book, but this one kicks it up a notch. 4/5

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