Review: Ghostbusters #8

Review of: Ghostbusters #8
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Erik Burnham

Ghostbusters #8

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On October 9, 2013
Last modified:October 9, 2013


Ghostbusters is one of the most fun books out there.

The Ghostbusters have their hands full in this issue! Kylie, Peter, and Ray have boarded the John Milton to meet its restless captain — the stubborn spirit of a teenager who was lost at sea in the ship’s original sinking!

The Ghostbusters are finishing up some messy jobs this month in the pages of Ghostbusters #8. The story is written by Erik Burnham with art by Doc Shaner. Luis Antonio Delgado handles colors with Chris Mowry and Gilberto Lazcano handling lettering. Burnham writes the backup short with Dan Schoening handling art and Delgado again taking on colors. So how does the end of the latest Ghostbusters adventure play out?

Kylie, Peter, and Ray are still aboard the John Milton meeting some fierce, otherworldly resistance. A moody teenage spirit seems to be in control of the giant, icy, spectral ship and he’s none too pleased to see the Ghostbusters have boarded his vessel. Some quick thinking mixed with hours of preparation and research beforehand may be the only thing to get the Ghostbusters out alive and dry. Meanwhile, Winston is trying to make quick work of a ghost he was told would be an easy job. An all-expense paid trip to Vegas made him agree to the job, but it seems the management wasn’t entirely upfront with how serious their problems were. When the ghost takes on a giant meat body form, Winston has to call on one of the only men smart enough to troubleshoot his equipment woes. The team is split, but can they pull of their various jobs? Will Winston work vacation ever get around to being the vacation part?

Burnham writes another great story. New Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters has been a consistently fun book. This issue has the fun and the laughs, but it also has heart.  Burnham switches between the hilarious hijinks of Winston and the trouble on the John Milton. The resolution to that one packs some emotion to balance things out. Shaner’s art is top notch. His character and line work is fantastic. Things have been a little more cartoony in the series before, but Shaner brings a different approach to things that keeps the feel of the book but brings a cleaner and sharper approach. The art is elevated by Delgado’s colors. Delgado keeps it bright and vibrant with glowing ghosts, but he takes it back a notch from what’s normally done with the series to complement Shaner’s art.

Bottom Line: Ghostbusters is one of the most fun books out there. Burnham gives you a great Ghostbusters fix month in and month out. The writer’s team-up with Shaner has been a welcome addition to mix things up with the style of the book. Next issue sees a big Halloween story kicking off, and I for one cannot wait. 4/5

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