Review: Ghostbusters #5

Review of: Ghostbusters #5
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Erik Burnham

Ghostbusters #5

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On June 26, 2013
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Ghostbusters #5 is a solid epilogue that closes up a lot of things while presenting the next story we’ll be seeing with the combined Ghostbusting team.

The Original Ghostbusters are back in Manhattan, picking up the pieces of their interrupted lives. Ray and Egon are concerned about what effects their escape from another dimension may yet hold for the world, and throw themselves into their research, while a decision Janine made when she was busting ghosts comes back to haunt her… all this and more as GHOSTBUSTERS continues!

The new Ghostbusters and the original Ghostbusters have finally been reunited, and the fallout of the original crew being trapped in another dimension is explored this week in the pages of Ghostbusters #5. The story is by Erik Burnham with art by Dan Schoening. Luis Antonio Delgado provides colors. With the old crew back in town, has the newness of the New Ghostbusters worn off or are there still plenty of great things still going on in the neighborhood?

Last month the old crew burst back on the scene after spending some time in an interdimensional limbo and reunited with the New Ghostbusters to fight The Collectors, the ghosts responsible for the kidnappings. This issue explores the original busters coming to terms with being back in the world of the living. They thought they were gone only a few hours, but they were gone several months our time. We check in with each and every member of both crews to see how they are coping with life either back on the job or going off to do other things. How will they reconnect with their friends and family? What are the consequences of them punching a hole in the dimensional fabric? Once we catch with the “where are they nows,” something strange happens while Janine is enjoying a night in with her boyfriend Roger. Janine had a run-in with some ghosts that were targeting her specifically a few issues ago. Has the ghost that challenges her family throughout history come back for its revenge? Can Egon figure out what has gotten hold of Janine in time?

Burnham writes another good issue. He keeps things moving with the old crew coming back and still finds things for the replacement busters to do and contribute in some way. Things have been shaken up with Ghostbusters and their interdimensional vacation, and we’re getting some fresh meat joining up and helping change the team dynamic. This issue closes up a lot of the New Ghostbuster stories and kicks off the next big Ghostbuster story with Janine being attacked. Schoening’s art and Delgado’s colors are great as always. The scenes involving a ghost train is particularly well done. They do a great job of presenting the quieter and emotional story beats as well.

Bottom Line: Ghostbusters #5 is a solid epilogue that closes up a lot of things while presenting the next story we’ll be seeing with the combined Ghostbusting team. 3.5/5

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