Review: Ghostbusters #16

Review of: Ghostbusters #16
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Erik Burnham

Ghostbusters #16

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On May 28, 2014
Last modified:May 28, 2014


Mass Hysteria continues to deliver on all fronts.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before; a Sumerian god has invaded the City that Never Sleeps, causing all manner of chaos. People are possessed. Blood rains from the sky. Dogs and cats… you get the picture. This is where you call the Ghostbusters, they break out their neutrona wands and cross the streams, taking care of business and saving the day, right? Maybe not this time!

The Ghostbusters face off against the Sumerian god of chaos herself this month in the pages of Ghostbusters #16, Mass Hysteria part 4. The story is written by Erik Burnham with art by Dan Schoening. Luis Antonio Delgado handles colors with Neil Uyetake providing lettering. The arc has been a blast so far, but is the climactic battle with Tiamat actually the story’s climax?

Last month Peter Venkman found out that Dana Barrett was back in town and having some problems related to her time as the vessel for Zuul, Gatekeeper of Gozer. Janine, Kylie, and Melanie were trying to work the case without letting Peter in on the details, but things got out of hand. Peter and the entire Ghostbuster gang raced to Dana’s apartment only to find that she and Louis had been taken over by Tiamat. Now the combined might of the Ghostbusters have to fight their way to the roof and face off against the incredibly powerful and incredibly evil Tiamat. There are plenty of surprises along the way, and a few are actually the Ghostbusters’ fault. Can the team take down Tiamat in yet another big combined rooftop blast? What was all that stuff about never crossing the streams again?

Burnham writes another stellar issue. This one is just pure, unadulterated Ghostbuster goodness. This arc has brought in a lot of the movie elements that fans have been dying to see, and this entry really delivers the full-fledged movie feel. It’s the gang going up against another powerful god and making fun of the fact this has become the norm. Burnham does a fantastic job of capturing the character’s voices and offering up something new while staying based in the movie world more than any of the previous stories he has written. Schoening’s art is just as great. Schoening had as much fun, and maybe even a little more, with the art than Burnham did with the script. There are plenty of twists and turns before the team makes it to the rooftop, and Schoening really manages to deliver the surprises in an eye catching way. I’m dancing around the specifics, but you’ll know what I mean when you see it. The story’s final sequence is movie worthy. Delgado’s colors continue to astound. The aforementioned final sequence allows for some really funky coloring when it comes to Tiamat and the otherworldly sky and backgrounds.

Bottom Line: Mass Hysteria continues to deliver on all fronts. The creative team is firing on all cylinders and seemingly having a lot of fun doing it. That rubs off on the reader, and that always makes for a great experience. We’re not done yet though. I say bring it on! 5/5

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