Review: Ghostbusters #14

Review of: Ghostbusters #14
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Erik Burnham

Ghostbusters #14

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On March 26, 2014
Last modified:March 26, 2014


Mass Hysteria is shaping up to be one of the best Ghostbusters stories yet.

The embodiment of chaos has taken an interest in earth, and the physical laws of the universe are beginning to come apart at the seams. When Newtonian physics falter in New York City and weirdness is on the rise, you know who’s gonna get called… “Mass Hysteria!” continues here!

Mass Hysteria continues this month in the pages of Ghostbusters #14. The special multi-part anniversary special is written by Erik Burnham with art by Dan Schoening. Luis Antonio Delgado handles colors with Neil Uyetake handling lettering. Things started out with quite a bang, but does the second entry keep the momentum going?

Things have been building for a long time. The Ghostbusters were trapped in another dimension and had to blast their way out, strange ghosts have been causing problems for a few months, and an ancient god has taken an interest with the earth. Dana Barrett is getting haunted for the third time in her life. Her connection with Gozer is what brings on this latest visitation, but she doesn’t want to involve the real Ghostbusters, especially Peter Venkman. When Janine and the gang are pulled away from Ray’s wedding, things get even more chaotic. Can Dana get the other Ghostbusters to help her out without turning it into a “thing” with Peter? How are all the strange events over the last few days connected? Who is getting ready to come through from the other side?

Burnham writes another fantastic issue. Things have been exciting from the beginning, but you can tell things are really building up and the lid is about to be blown off. This anniversary has given Burnham a good chance to take his series and really plant it firmly in the movie universe. It is layered, yet accessible to lax or new readers. It takes a particular skill to be able to do that, but Burnham does it well. It doesn’t hurt that he’s getting ready to bring in another big character we’ve all been waiting to see as well. Schoening art is just as good as the writing. Schoening has some very crisp and clean linework that makes for some interesting characters and beautiful backgrounds and settings. The artist does a good job of adapting Sigourney Weaver into the style of the comics. Delgado’s colors always seem to be in perfect step with Schoening. Things are very bright and picturesque that really brings the world to life. It rains blood yet again, and that’s always a great visual.

Bottom Line: Mass Hysteria is shaping up to be one of the best Ghostbusters stories yet. We’re in the anniversary year and there’s talk of Ghostbusters 3 happening, but this is the thing you should be checking out. Next month will have a lot of people talking. I guarantee it. 4/5

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