Review: Garth Ennis’ Red Team #6

Review of: Red Team #6
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Garth Ennis

Red Team #6

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On November 13, 2013
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Red Team continues to be a dramatic and complex crime story that only Garth Ennis can pull off.

All the cards are on the table, and everyone knows where every player stands. A trap is laid- but is Red Team about to be beaten at their own game? A malevolent foe makes his move at last, in the sixth and penultimate episode of Red Team.

The penultimate issue of Garth Ennis’ cop drama Red Team hits this week. The story is written by Ennis and Craig Cermak handles art with Adriano Lucas tackling colors. Rob Steen rounds out the cast with lettering. Red Team is reaching its end, but is it going to go out with a bang?

Last issue the team found out that their boss was a dirty cop. He and his team hit a drug house hard, massacring everyone in sight and making off with the money and drugs. Things were shook up even more when Tim Williams was kicked off the force and then killed himself. This issues is about his funeral and how the Red Team decides what to do next. They know that they’ve been found out by the boss, so now everyone knows what everyone else is up to. While Red Team kills criminals who constantly escape justice, this other team kills to further their own selfish desires. They’re going to clash and it isn’t going to be pretty. Red Team starts prepping for their biggest mission yet, but they still might not be ready for it. When bullets start flying, who ends up dying?

Ennis writes a very dramatic and tense issue. The funeral scene and the planning goes on for the majority of the book, but there is a lot of stellar character work and drama going on. It does make the final few pages where things actually start getting into action territory feel a bit rushed though. You find out a lot of answers to questions you’ve been asking since the first few issues though. Cermak does a great job as usual. He continues to do the heavy lifting with the more dialogue heavy scenes, but he does get several pages of action to play around with. Lucas’ colors really complement Cermak’s art. The final scene at dusk really stands out as a highlight.

Bottom Line: Red Team continues to be a dramatic and complex crime story that only Garth Ennis can pull off. I’ve enjoyed the story so far, and things have really been set up for an exciting finale. This is one that reads pretty well monthly but will really knock people’s socks off when it can be read in its entirety. 3/5

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