Review: Gail Simone’s Red Sonja #2

Review of: Red Sonja #2
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Gail Simone

Red Sonja #2

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On August 14, 2013
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Simone is only two issues into her run, but she has already presented a new and spectacular Red Sonja that should please fans new and old.

Placed in an unwinnable war against an implacable foe, Sonja is forced to do an inconceivable move that will cost her like no previous battle ever has! The thrilling re-imagining of the greatest female sword and sorcery hero ever created continues…do not miss this jaw-dropping issue!

The second issue of Gail Simone’s already highly acclaimed Red Sonja series hits comic book stores today. The second issue featuring an all new Red She-Devil with a sword is written by the aforementioned Simone with art by Walter Geovani. Adriano Lucas handles colors and Simon Bowland provides lettering. So how does Simone do on her second outing with the ultimate femme fatale?

When last we saw Sonja, she was leading a ragtag group of soldiers to repay a debt she owed to the only good man she ever met, King Dimath. An army has marched on Dimath’s kingdom to deal with the infected. The leader of the approaching army is Annisia, the only other prisoner that was alive with Sonja when Dimath freed her. Sonja and Dimath fought for their survival and had become friends in the process. Sonja was supposed to fight Annisia to the death on the day they were rescued. Now the two war bound are facing off for real on the field of battle. Sonja fights with all of her might as we hear her internal monologue while facing off against this face from her past. The battle rages on, but we see these two women fighting with unmatched ferocity. The battle takes a shocking turn and Sonja must face a horrible reality. Has the great warrior finally found an opponent she cannot beat? How will she ever live with the consequences of this battle?

Simone writes a spectacular story. The first issue presented some action, but mainly set things up and got characters into place. The majority of this issue is an epic battle not only between Sonja and Annisia, but the two assembled armies. We get an incredible amount of story development in an issue that is almost entirely a battle. Simone balances the massive amount of action with character development and huge emotional beats. Geovani’s art is just as great as Simone’s story. He beautifully choreographs the fight scenes and really makes Sonja emote and look as conflicted with what’s going on as she is on the inside. Lucas’ colors helps to make the battles look bright, colorful, and tense.

Bottom Line: Simone is only two issues into her run, but she has already presented a new and spectacular Red Sonja that should please fans new and old. This is the Red Sonja series you have been waiting for. Simone does the character justice and makes her strong and dangerous instead of a piece of eye candy. Very few comics surprise me when the cliffhanger rolls around, but this one made me literally say “wow.” If you haven’t been reading this series yet, do so right now. 4/5

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