Review: Frankenstein: Alive, Alive #3

Review of: Frankenstein: Alive, Alive
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Steve Niles

Frankenstein: Alive, Alive

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On April 16, 2014
Last modified:April 15, 2014


Frankenstein: Alive, Alive is a story fans of the dark and grim will love, though it may take some time to get your fix.

The Monster has lived under the roof of Dr. Ingles for over a year but now what seemed like hospitality has taken a sinister turn. Why is the Doctor dismissing the other patients? And why is the monster left behind?

The long-awaited and even longer delayed third issue of IDW’s Frankenstein: Alive, Alive hits this week. The story is written and scripted by Steve Niles with Bernie Wrightson lending a hand with the story as well as providing the art and cover. Robbie Robbins is the only other set of hands on the book, tackling lettering. It has been quite a while since last we saw Alive, Alive, but was it worth the wait?

The monster has been living a peaceful and rather nice life under Dr. Ingles’ roof. The monster has been learning everything he can, taking full advantage of Dr. Ingles’ library and all the strange and wonderful tomes housed within. Thinking he has finally found a friend, the monster is especially troubled when things take a strange and macabre turn in the Ingles household. What is Dr. Ingles’ ultimate goal? What sort of twist on an all-too-familiar situation has our protagonist found himself in that time?

Niles writes a fast-paced, sharp, and gothic story. This feels like one of the only real worthy successors to Mary Shelley’s seminal classic. This is a weighty and dramatic story that really explores the life and inner struggle of Frankenstein’s monster. Wrightson’s art is the main attraction though. The brushwork is incredible and the details are astounding. As you pour over every square inch of each section of the page, you can see why this book has taken so long. The artwork is truly breathtaking and even starts to transcend the medium. You could take any panel, frame it, and display it as a real work of art.

Bottom Line: Frankenstein: Alive, Alive is a story fans of the dark and grim will love, though it may take some time to get your fix. Whether you hold off and wait until it’s complete, or read it whenever it comes out, this is one series that demands your attention. The third time took a while, but it’s still a charm. 5/5

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