Review: Forever Evil #6

Review of: Forever Evil #6
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Geoff Johns, David Finch, Richard Friend, Sonia Oback

Forever Evil #6

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On March 7, 2014
Last modified:March 7, 2014


Lex Luthor and Captain Cold steal the show away from the Crime Syndicate in a great issue.

Forever Evil is nearing the end of its run, which means we are in store for a few surprises.  Forever Evil #6 is arguably the best issue of the event so far, and is pure comic book awesomeness.

The masked man who has been dominating the teasers for this event is finally revealed.  And my reaction is….who?  Who is this guy?  After a bit of research, I found that he is a long time character of Earth 3.  But isn’t the New 52 all about bringing in new readers and not alienating them? Some indication of who he was before the final page would have been nice.  Besides that snafu, this is a great issue.  The tension builds up gradually and pays off well.  The Luthor/Batman dynamic, the most interesting thing that Forever Evil has going, is never better in #6.  Johns spins the hero/villain dynamic on its head perfectly, with the reader rooting for Luthor more than Batman.  The Nightwing development doesn’t hit the dramatic tones that Johns is going for, as Luthor’s resolution is so vague that any number of things could happen in #7.

A coworker recently described what he thought was the major difference between DC and Marvel. “DC has more interesting villains, but Marvel has more interesting heroes.”  That simple sentence captures the essence of Forever Evil #6 perfectly.  Luthor and Captain Cold steal the show away from the Crime Syndicate and Batman at every turn.  Captain Cold’s fight with Johnny Quick was a personal highlight.  His code of honor, yet willing to go the necessary mile to get the job done is displayed in a few tight panels.  That type of character work on villains is difficult for most writers.  But Luthor, who is the de-facto star of this event, grabs the reader and almost forces them to agree with his way of thinking.  And it makes sense.  Johns writing of Luthor is some of the best I’ve read for the maniacal villain.  No wonder he’ll be leading the Justice League after Forever Evil.

David Finch’s artwork has been consistent throughout Forever Evil.  Characters occasionally come across as stiff and male faces all look the same.  But the battle sequence late in the issue gives Finch plenty of time to show off.  Cold’s previous badass takedown of Quick is simple, but Finch sells it all in Quick’s eyes. There is pure terror in the pupils of Johnny Quick.  Forever Evil #6 does have a greater sense of motion than the past five issues.  My eyes easily moved across the page with ease, and the flow keeps from spoiling things later in the page (a lost art of modern comics).  Recently, someone pointed out to me that Sonia Oback has been continuously coloring Johnny Quick’s helmet wrong.  His helmet is supposed to be silver, but she’s been coloring it red instead. I haven’t noticed for the past five issues so it’s not that big of a deal

Forever Evil #6 gets 4/5.

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