Review: Forever Evil #3

Review of: Forever Evil #3
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Geoff Johns, David Finch, Richard Friend, Sonia Oback

Forever Evil #3

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On November 7, 2013
Last modified:November 12, 2013


While very entertaining, we are half way through this event and there has been minimal plot development

As a publisher makes its way towards the middle of its event, the true purpose starts to reveal itself.  Forever Evil #3 has certainly been a fun, captivating event. But why does it seem like we haven’t moved far since #1 was shipped?

Geoff Johns gives us tidbits of answers for questions that have been present since the event started. We get some confirmation that Justice League is dead (psh, yeah right), and a pseudo-plan to stop the Crime Syndicate.  #3 gives us the first real plot development for the event.  It’s been frustrating at times to see this event spin it’s wheels because it keeps “setting things up.”  Eventually the reader needs a bite of the carrot before they’ll take anymore of the stick.  My hunger for carrot was appeased in the development of Lex Luthor starting his team.  Luthor’s hatred of Superman is shown in a way that that his anger is fully justified, and where the reader might end up siding with the bald genius.  Not since Brian Azzarello’s Lex Luthor have I loved this villain so much.  Bizzaro’s interactions with Luthor are simple, but very funny.  Considering the Rogues will have their own mini-series, Johns could have cut their fight down.  This would have given more room to Batman and Catwoman, or Luthor and his merry band of enemies.  It’s a perfect opportunity for David Finch to create some gorgeous fight scenes, but ends up hindering the plot.

#3 continues with the “go to another miniseries to see how this issue is resolved” trend that has been prevalent.  Almost every series has been teased at this point, and I hope that DC will stop these for #4.  #3 is also the half way point, and little has happened plot wise.  We are just getting the team together to take on the Crime Syndicate, and it’s not even fully formed yet.   Yes, the title is quite fun, but eventually we need some pay off.  This was the same situation with Trinity War, and that ending was complete crap.  Nightwing’s identity revelation is something that needs to development NOW.  It was barely mentioned last issue, and we have enough stories to cover without his problem being rushed in each issue.  Even though there hasn’t been much plot wise, Johns still continues to write every character spot on.  Little things like Catwoman’s stuck out tongue to Dr. Stone and Power Ring’s ongoing inferiority complex are these subtle character points that keep me hopeful the plot part will turn around.

David Finch’s artwork is on par with what he’s done throughout the rest of Forever Evil.  Characters occasionally look stiff and all men have a similar facial structure.  I shook my head a little bit when Firestorm’s head blew up, as I had no idea which character was which unless they had a mask on.  It’s not so much a point in the negative anymore, as it’s just his style.  The fight scenes flow well, and Finch knows how to turn on the violence for shock value when the scene calls for it.  There seems to be a mix up with Bizzaro’s costume, as he goes from the jeans look to what Superman is wearing right now.  I didn’t notice until the second read through, and even then it had to be pointed out to me.  The look on Luthor’s face when Bizzaro hands him a flower is perfect in terms of comedic timing.  Finch barely changes anything from the panel before, but it works so well.

Forever Evil continues to be fun, but the lack in plot development is starting to wear thin.  For now, the character moments and team-ups are good enough for me to keep plunking down $3.99 each month.

Forever Evil #3 gets 4/5.

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