Review: Forever Evil #2

Review of: Forever Evil #2
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Geoff Johns, David Finch, Richard Friend

Forever Evil #2

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On October 3, 2013
Last modified:October 3, 2013


While Luthor’s plot line is beyond fun, the Crime Syndicate side doesn’t receive much development.

Now that Villains Month is over, it’s time to get back to Forever Evil.  The event has been teased for the past month, making me quite excited for this new chapter.  The result is a good issue, if only a thing or two could be changed on the artwork.

First off, I absolutely love the way that Geoff Johns is writing Lex Luthor.  This is easily his best outing in the New 52 era.  He’s diabolical, but the reader can’t help but side with him.  He’s working logically in the situation given to him. The inclusion of a villain (who I won’t spoil) and their new origin story is one of the few instances of the New 52 being good for a character.  Their origin story is instantly less muddy, and it brings them into the fight in a natural way.  Johns also has a little fun with Otis from Superman: the Movie, who makes his New 52 appearance, albeit a short and fatal one.  When this is all said and done, I want to see Johns write a Lex Luthor ongoing.  The overall plot doesn’t move much though.  The only true plot development is the final page.  While it’s a big reveal, it isn’t surprising.  Every character in the DC universe has been saying the same thing, so it rings somewhat hollow when it’s said.

The Crime Syndicate gets some much needed characterization this month.  They feel like more than just opposites of the Justice League.  They have personalities and their interactions aren’t exactly opposite from their Earth-1 counterpart.  Power Ring for example, doesn’t feel like an evil version of Green Lantern, just a different version.  This keeps the dialogue from going into clichéd territories.  Superwoman and Owlman’s reveal is a nice wrinkle for the story.  The Teen Titans barely make an appearance even though they are on the cover.  They are only in the issue to set up their tie-in.  As I’ve said before in Villains Month reviews, it’s frustrating as a reader to not be able to get the entire story in the series I’m ALREADY buying.  But it does show how dangerous every team member of the Crime Syndicate really is.  That’s something I didn’t necessarily feel between Forever Evil #1 and their various appearances in Villains Month.

I’m a fan of David Finch’s artwork.  New Avengers was one of the first comics I read when getting into comics, and I loved his detailed artwork.  Since he made the switch to DC, his artwork has continued to improve.  But his artwork feels a little lacking here.  Character routinely have the same facial features, even when comparing men and women.  When Atomica jumps down (who I think is) Wonder Girl’s throat, it’s hard to tell what happened.  This could be Johns not explaining the situation enough, which I want to say is the case.  The Teen Titans battle gives Finch a few chances to draw some distorted figures, which he has always done well . The fight scene that a Lex Luthor witness is also penciled very well.  So far Forever Evil isn’t his best work, but it’s also not his worst either.

Forever Evil #2 gets 3.5/5.

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