Review: Five Weapons #5


Tyler’s life hangs in the balance between a master assassin, saving his parents, and the wrath of the school principal. This could be the biggest caper ever pulled off, or the end of the world at the School of Five Weapons.

five weaponsThe final issue of Five Weapons comes out this week from IMAGE comics. The series reached its climax last month as the assassin after the Shainline family finds her way to the Five Weapons School. The series is written drawn, lettered, and everything else by Jimmie Robinson. So does Five Weapons #5 keep the streak alive, or does the finale not live up to the hype?

The assassin trying to track down the real Tyler Shainline has shown up at the Five Weapons school. Enrique, the boy of the Shainline Family’s servants who has been posing as Tyler the entire time, is facing off against the gun club president to finish his final challenge. The assassin breaks it up and the battle of the Five Weapons school is on. The femme fatale is able to take out the teachers of each of the five disciplines as well as each and every student of the school. “Tyler” holes up in the nurse’s office again as he tries to figure out what he can possibly do against this unstoppable force. The mysterious nurse gives our hero one final pep talk, and Tyler starts to devise a plan with is trademark deduction skills, wit, and humor. As he takes on his greatest challenge yet, the final few mysteries start to unravel as to who the attacker is and why the Shainline’s are the target. With the finale revealing the mastermind behind every incident we’ve seen in the previous four issues, a lot of answers are revealed and a few more are raised.

Robinson writes a fitting conclusion to the Five Weapons story. He still follows the book’s formula of having Tyler presented with a challenge, having to figure out how to approach it, and then actually doing it, but he uses the final section of the book to turn over the rest of the cards he’s been holding and seeding into the background. We find out that the ending is truly only the beginning, and that’s a great thing. Robinson’s art has been consistently good with the series, but it’s the final giant battles that really shine.

Bottom Line: Five Weapons is a story with a lot of heart and a lot more action. It’s something fresh and different, and luckily it looks like we might be getting some more. Robinson will have a lot to live up to with whatever comes next, but I think he’s up for the challenge. 4.5/5

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