Review: Five Weapons #4

Review of: Five Weapons #4
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Jimmie Robinson

Five Weapons #4

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On May 29, 2013
Last modified:May 29, 2013


Five Weapons continues to be one of the smartest and best looking series out there.

Tyler has to battle the Gun Club, beat the faculty’s scheme to expel him and keep his secret identity safe at the school of Five Weapons. Not a problem for Tyler’s devious calculations – except this time he doesn’t have a plan.

The penultimate issue of Five Weapons comes out this week from IMAGE comics. The series is starting to come to a close and “Tyler” takes on the fifth and final weapons club. The series is written drawn, lettered, and everything else by Jimmie Robinson. So does Five Weapons #4 keep the streak alive, or are the wheels starting to fall off towards the finish line?

The story picks up with Tyler and Joon staring each other down since Joon has been ordered to keep Tyler from winning the king of the spring festival title. Tyler uses his usual cunning and razor sharp mind to show Joon that she is being used by the exotic weapons coach. As Tyler uses his wits to win yet again, an epic showdown between the nurse and the principal is going down in the principal’s office. We learn a little more of the story behind these two mysterious characters and what ties them to the larger threat that sent the real Shainline family into hiding. The assassin that was gunning for the Shainlines appears and she is making her way toward the Five Weapons School. Tyler is oblivious to the fact and continues his campaign to remains weapon free. He hatches a plan with the president of the gun club to pull off one final trick. As the school teachers and coaches conspire yet again against. Tyler is about to face his biggest challenge yet, but has his bag of tricks finally run out?

Robinson crafts another stellar issue. He packs a whole lot of story into 23 pages. We get some new developments with the principal and nurse, Tyler wins one battle and starts another one, and we get a lot of development with the mystery from issue 1. Some things have been tidied up, but there’s still a lot of ground left to cover. It will be interesting to see how Robinson wraps it all up in the big finale. The art is as fantastic as always. It’s bright, vibrant, and really stunning. There’s not really anything negative you can say about the story. It unfolds fast, but everything gets its own moment in the spotlight of the larger story.

Bottom Line: Five Weapons continues to be one of the smartest and best looking series out there. This issue lays it all out there as we race towards the finish line. Robinson does a lot of things with this issue and sets up what looks to be an ambitious finale. Issue #5 is absolutely a can’t miss now. 5/5

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