Review: Eye Of Newt #2

Review of: Eye of Newt #2
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Michael Hague
Dark Horse

Eye of Newt #2

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On July 16, 2014
Last modified:July 16, 2014


Eye of Newt is a fast and hard high fantasy story fans will love.

Inimitable illustrator Michael Hague creates a marvelous tale of high fantasy! Newt, a young wizard’s apprentice, begins the trials to become a full-fledged wizard! His adventure leads him through the Netherworld, a magical realm filled with creatures both wondrous and frightful!

Eye of Newt continues this month with the release of issue #2. Michael Hague handles the script, art, and cover for the series with Nate Piekos of Blambot handling lettering. The first issue got things off to an interesting start, but how does the second leg of the epic journey fare?

Newt is taken back to the cave to begin his quest to find an element to power his wizard staff. When he arrives and the quest begins, he finally meets the other apprentice who has been training with his master’s rival. The rather brash Morgan Le Fay is ready to find the most powerful element for her wand, and she won’t let Newt stand in her way. When they find themselves transported to the fantastical world where they must search for their goals, the two quickly find that the lands are filled with incredible creatures and is more dangerous than they could have imagined. Can Newt and Morgan put aside their differences and work together?

Hague writes a grand high fantasy story that introduces a lot of new things while still using some tried and true characters and elements to pull in readers. This is a grandiose story with a lot of moving parts, and that feels like it hurts it as it is packaged into multiple issues every month. This type of story doesn’t quite lend itself to episodic chunks, so it will definitely benefit from a trade and being able to read it all together. That’s one of the only real drawbacks if you’re a fan of high fantasy series like this book is playing upon. The artwork is beautiful. Hague is well known for his illustrations, and this series lets him play to all of his strengths. The settings, and more importantly the worlds, Eye of Newt explores are just as detailed and fleshed out as the script.

Bottom Line: Eye of Newt is a fast and hard high fantasy story fans will love. It doesn’t quite feel like it set itself apart as a single issue, but this is a story that will read better in its entirety. 2.5/5

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