Review: Evil Ernie #3



Evil Ernie #3The Good:
Writer Jesse Snider and artist Jason Craig are good at what they do. Each issue keeps getting better and it’s only the origin story. What I like the most about Snider’s script are his opening pages. This issue opens up five years ago in the past with Ernest (Evil Ernie) and Dr. Thomas talking with one another, and Ernest admitting to killing all those 665 people because they were sinners, and thus making the world a better place. Then, flash forward to the present, were Ernie is on the hunt to kill his step-father and also to save Dr. Thomas. Ernie was supposed to kill his father along with the other 665 people but failed at doing so. If Ernie doesn’t kill his step-father then the ritual he accepted would be no good and he loses all his powers.

From the start, this issue is action packed. Heads are exploding, arms are getting cut off, fingers are being bitten off, people are being torn to shreds but the highlight of this issue is Smiley’s dialogue. Snider really makes Smiley fun to read and artist Jason Craig does a good job at bringing him to life. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next upcoming issues.

Another plus is Jason Craig’s artwork. It’s bloody and violent were it should be, yet subtle when it needs to be. Another plus is all the nice covers that Dynamite is putting out there. It’s just weird that Jason Craig isn’t proving any of the cover artwork, but maybe the man is busy?

I do have to hand it to Snider, I have read some of his Toy Story books (don’t judge) and it’s nice seeing him write kid’s books then flicking the switch and writing Evil Ernie. That’s how you can tell he is a well-rounded writer.

The Bad:prv14597_pg3
I didn’t really have any major issues, expect for the shading. Minor things like the shading in the jacket, chaplin’s shirt, dark backgrounds, etc….

At first it didn’t bother me, but as I went back and re-read this issue, it stuck out like a sore thumb. Not sure if it was the inking process or the colorist doing, but it’s a small nitpick and it doesn’t affect the book that much.

Jesse Snider and Jason Craig now have three solid issues under their belts and I can see a bright future for this book. The story telling is great and the artwork is solid. I highly recommend this for any Evil Ernie fans out there or maybe those gore fans out there looking for a great story and some bloodshed.

Evil Ernie #3 gets 3.5/5

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