Review: Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #2


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Our yearlong celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary continues! Oh my giddy aunt! It’s time to break out the recorders, as the Second Doctor takes the spotlight in this issue of a 12-part epic adventure featuring all 11 incarnations of the Doctor!

IDW’s Doctor Who anniversary story continues this week with Prisoners of Time #2. The Second Doctor gets the spotlight this time in a story written by Scott and David Tipton. This month’s artist is Lee Sullivan with colors by Phil Elliott. Tom B. Long rounds out the cast with lettering. As the Who train rolls on, does this issue pay tribute to one of the most important Doctors or should it have been another lost adventure?

doctor who coverThe Doctor, Jaime and Zoe materialize in a strange place surrounded by hundreds of police boxes. This isn’t a TARDIS store though, it’s a police box store in the Frenko bazaar. It’s a giant space mall where you can buy and sell everything, and we do mean everything. While enjoying some food in the food court, The Doctor spies some Voraxx. The alligator looking species are slave traders. The Doctor knows something is up and he decides to investigate. When he lays a trap using Jaime, events quickly unfold as The Doctor and Zoe find themselves aboard the slaver freight trader trying to rescue Jaimie and the other captives. Things start to turn around as one of the Doctor’s greatest foes find themselves having to team up with the TARDIS crew.

The Tiptons write an apt script. They nail Zoe and The Doctor, but they don’t quite get Jaimie right. The kilt-clad companion is also criminally underused. Jaime and 3rd/4th Doctor companion Sarah Jane are the longest serving companions on the show. To have an issue where Jaime is relegated to a background character is mind boggling. Zoe and The Doctor are on their own for most of the issue. The surviving 2nd Doctor episodes always had the threesome going off on adventures and just having fun, but Jamie is barely seen in this issue. The story is also on a grander scale than anything ever attempted in the Troughton years, but the comics allow for a grander stage. The Ice Warriors have a couple of great scenes, but the Tiptons have made them more action oriented than they were ever intended to be. The art is fantastic at least. Sullivan nails the three characters and peppers in a lot of alien cameos in a lot of scenes. The villains The Doctor has to team up with are rendered brilliantly. The colors are beautiful and help elevate already great art.

Bottom Line: As a huge 2nd Doctor fan, this doesn’t quite feel like a Troughton adventure. It’s a fun ride, but it feels like an average story and not the huge event it should be. With Jaime relegated to a second string character, everything just feels off. The Tiptons have 9 more Doctors to go, so hopefully the others get their due diligence 3/5

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