Review: Doctor Who #7


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“Space Oddity,” Part 1 of 2: First in a special two-part story written by I, Vampire’s Joshua Hale Fialkov! When a cosmonaut attempts the first space walk in 1965, the rest of his crew watches in horror as he’s swallowed whole by shadow. Only the Doctor can save the spacecraft and the historically important mission.

doctor who coverA new two part Doctor Who story kicks off this month called Space Oddity. The story is written by Joshua Hale Fialkov with pencils from Horacio Domingues and Andres Ponce. Rubn Gonzalez provides inks with Adrian Salmon handling colors. Shawn Lee rounds out the cast with lettering. So is this new story a good trip, or should it be lost in space?

The story opens up in 1965 as two Russian cosmonauts float through space in their little hunk of Soviet metal. Dimitri is admiring the view outside of the capsule when things get dark. Things get very, very dark. The next thing you know, Dimitri is a skeleton in a suit floating by the window. The TARDIS just happens to be floating by when all of this happens. He notices something is wrong and quickly jumps into the thick of things. He meets the one surviving crew member, Alexey Leonov. The Doctor knows he has to help, but hearing that the first man to walk in space is in trouble makes it a little more urgent. Things quickly go from bad to worse as The Doctor tries to help Alexey get the capsule running again. It takes a little while, but The Doctor pieces it together and figures out what just devoured Dimitri. I won’t spoil it, but it’s easy to guess if you’re a Whovian. Darkness, spacesuits, skeletons.

Fialkov writes a very fast paced and action packed issue. Things get rolling from the first page.  Things do get set up, but its rip roaring and hectic all the way through. It feels like an old school story, or an older comics story at the least. Fialkov brings back a fan favorite set of baddies that we’ve only seen one time. It will be interesting to see how he handles them in the final installment. Domingues and Ponce’s art is great. They take The Doctor and give it a great cartoony spin. They, and colorist Salmon get to have a lot of fun with some funky looking space scenes.

Bottom Line: Fialkov crafts a fun story that develops at breakneck speed. It’s a fun ride that gives the series some kick after a few slower paced stories. A fun story with historical elements and great art makes for an intriguing Doctor Who story 4/5

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