Review: Doctor Who #5 By Andy Diggle


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Andy Diggle returns! The Doctor books a trip for Amy and Rory on a luxury star-liner for a little rest and relaxation after their recent adventures. But when the Doctor crosses paths with a thief from his past, any thoughts of peace go right out the porthole!

The Doctor runs across a familiar face in this month’s issue of Doctor Who. Andy Diggle returns after a two month break to write more adventures for The Doctor. Josh Adams handles pencils with Marc Deering providing inks and Charlie Kirchoff handling colors. Tom Long rounds out the crew with lettering. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are about to stumble into a mystery aboard a luxury cruise liner, but does the issue sink or swim? I’m going to mention one of the big character reveals, so here’s your spoiler warning!

doctor who coverWe open up with the Ponds having a rough time at the airport. The couple have been on a holiday that has been everything but a fun time. All they have to look forward to is being home in a few hours, and then on cue the flights are delayed. However one person breaks through the crowd to board their own private jet. It’s none other than Lady Christina De Souza who we last saw flying off on a double decker bus in Planet of the Dead. The Doctor eventually shows up to rescue the Ponds and take them off on another holiday on the maiden voyage of the most luxurious star-liner in the galaxy. Cut to the star-liner where we get a bit of exposition expanding the story’s subplot. The crew arrive aboard as Amy and Rory go off to explore while The Doctor tinkers with the TARDIS. Amy and Rory find that Lady Christina is aboard the ship as well. What is the master thief doing on the star-liner?

Diggle writes a pretty good story. Lady Christina’s return is a shocker for sure. She was one of the David Tennant specials one-and-done companions who was left with a wide open ending. Diggle keeps the mystery going, so you’re left wondering what she’s doing and why she’s an adept space traveler now. He gets the tones right for the Ponds and The Doctor, even more so than his previous issues. The art is handled well enough, but there are a several instances where the faces don’t look quite right and Amy Pond looks more like Alyson Hannigan than Karen Gillan. The colors are great and help bring life to the various alien voyagers we see. Diggle throws a lot of questions into this issue, so it will be interesting to see how he pulls it all together next month. There’s a lot of explaining to do with Lady Christina, not even counting the alien crew uprising we see hinted at.

Bottom Line: Diggle throws a lot of surprises into his Doctor Who return. We have a very intriguing story that raises a lot of interesting questions. With The Doctor knowing Lady Christina’s M.O. will he step in before she has a chance to claim her prize? For now it’s more questions than answers, but it’s a fun read 3.5/5

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