Review: Doctor Who #4


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The second issue in a special two-part story featuring the art of Philip Bond! With the Doctor and Rory on a boys night out gone wrong, Amy must face the Silence on her own! All that plus lots of beer!

The second part of Brandon Seifert’s Doctor Who story for volume 3 hits stores today. The issue, written by the aforementioned Seifert, features art by Philip Bond and ILias Kyriazis. Tom B. Long provides letters. Last month I said The Doctor and the Nurse was a little rough but showed promise. Does this conclusion prove me right or wrong?

dw coverWhen our story opens, The Doctor and Rory are still traveling about time trying to get back to London 1814 and Amy. The two are on a mandated…or Amydated…boys night out. The two thought a quick hop in the TARDIS would mean they didn’t have to spend time together, but that didn’t work out too well. After at least a week of time hopping, the two are still being pulled off track by all manner of side adventures the TARDIS has to stop at because of distress signals. Back in 1814, Amy is left to survive the great beer flood and an agent of the silence. With Amy working on her own dangerous mystery and The Doctor and Rory met by some legendary villains while refueling the TARDIS, the three may never make it back together.

Seifert writes a great story with this issue. I knocked his story a little last month because of some uncharacteristic character interactions that didn’t mesh well with the current state of the show, but things run smoothly this month. The Doctor and Rory are a little high strung as they do a week’s worth of quick trips, but they are working together and trying to get back to Amy. Amy’s side story, on the other hand, feels a bit rushed. She is trying to find out why the agent of the Silence is there and how he is involved with the great beer flood. She does this, but it’s not that clear why it’s happening. She does rise to the occasion and does some time meddling to save people like the Doctor would, but the unequal split of the story leaves her moments feeling hollow. The art is great for this issue and helps sell the wacky adventures well.

Bottom Line: The Doctor and the Nurse is as close to Doctor Who will probably ever get to The Hangover. With a wacky and wild story that uses time travel to the fullest, this is one the reader could easily imagine turned into an episode. The story is handled well but it does have a few hiccups on the way. Taken as a whole, Siefert has crafted an enjoyable Doctor Who story 4/5

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