Review: Doctor Who #3 By Brandon Seifert


First issue in a special two-part story featuring the art of Philip Bond! The stress from their past few adventures have the Doctor and Rory at each other’s throats, and Amy has had just about enough. So she sends them on a boys night out, must to their chagrin, but with a TARDIS at their disposal…

Doctor Who #3 is written by Brandon Seifert (Witch Doctor) and features art by Philip Bond with colors by Charlie Kirchoff. The next volume of IDW’s Doctor Who stories kicked off earlier with a two parter by scribe Andy Diggle. Seifert takes on the next two issue story, The Doctor and the Nurse, kicking off this month. Amy has told Rory and The Doctor they have to go on a male bonding trip. Can the two get along for Amy’s sake, or are the last centurion and The Doctor just too different?

The story opens with The Doctor and Rory hopping time and space but not quite ending up where they need to be. We then look back to a few hours before when Amy, Rory, and The Doctor are escaping the clutches of the time traveler hating Siblinghood of Saint Augustine Physcist. Rory and The Doctor are having a bit of a row after the escape, prompting Amy to dictate the two will go off together and bond. The team ends up in 1814 London. As Amy ventures off on her own, the two men are left trying to figure out how they can get out of spending time together. With a time machine, you can figure the hijinks that are about to take place.

The story is hit and miss. The relationship between Rory and The Doctor feels like it has taken a giant step back from the TV series. You can understand events have caused tensions to run high, but the interactions feel odd. This story feels like it should take place during series 5 when The Doctor and Rory were competing for Amy’s attention for the most part. The story feels like it is from that series, but something Amy sees places it last season (the one where The Doctor “died”). The art works well with the story. It is slightly cartoony and works with the gags the story throws in throughout the issue. The colors do an excellent job of making the varied locations pop.

Bottom Line: Other than the sometimes odd interactions between Rory and The Doctor, Seifert has crafted a nice story. It really ramps up at the end and gives us a sort-of-cliffhanger that we’ll have to wait to see how it pays off next month. So far it doesn’t feel like a two part story, but hopefully it can pick it up and run with it next issue 3.5/5

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