Review: Doctor Who #12

Review of: Doctor Who #12
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Andy Diggle

Doctor Who #12

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On August 14, 2013
Last modified:August 14, 2013


This is easily my favorite Doctor Who story from Andy Diggle. He puts in a ton of moments that will please longtime Whovians and wraps up his yearlong arc in style.

The big bad revealed at last! The yearlong mystery of the Hypothetical Gentleman and his identity has finally been unraveled by the Doctor, but is it too late to save himself, Clara and the other misplaced residents of “sky world”? Join us for the finale of “Sky Jacks” to find out!

The mystery behind the yearlong Hypothetical Gentleman story is revealed this month in the pages of Doctor Who #12. The fourth and final part of the Sky Jacks story is written by Andy Diggle and Eddie Robson with art by Andy Kuhn. Charlie Kirchoff handles colors and Shawn Lee provides lettering. So after a year of teasing, does Diggle end things with a bang?

This is going to be a briefer than usual story overview. There are a lot of big twists and turns to this issue that will please Whovians, but it’s hard to mention some of them without giving the whole game away. The story opens with a quick look at Gallifrey during the last day of the Time War. It’s a little different than the battle damaged Gallifrey we saw in David Tennant’s swansong, The End Of Time. The Daleks have advanced on Gallifrey and all seems lost. The Doctor, who has rejected his names, is said to be in control of The Moment. He can bring an end to the war but it will have a grave cost. We then cut back to The Doctor, Clara, and the WWII flyboys inside one of the secondary TARDIS control rooms. The mysterious Hypothetical Gentleman has revealed himself and he has a shocking origin. The Doctor can hardly believe who the villain really is, but he knows that what he says is true. With an enemy that knows every move The Doctor has made and will make, our hero finds himself in quite the predicament. How will he stop the artificial man? Will Clara have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe?

Diggle writes one of his best issues. This is a story with a lot of meat. It gives us a look at Gallifrey and even answers a few questions about what’s happening during the Time War. He explores things mentioned in the TV show and even adds a few things of his own. I found myself saying “that’s cool” more than a few times reading some of the bigger Time Lord/Time War moments. It’s a fitting end to a yearlong story. It feels like it’s on the same scale as the big season finale stories we see each season. Kuhn does a great job of illustrating war torn Gallifrey and the robed Time Lords who sit on high. His giant mechanical spider that houses the Hypothetical Gentleman’s intelligence is impressive as well. Kirchoff does a fantastic job with the colors. He really bring the TARDIS control rooms and two consoles, as well as the characters and explosions, to life.

Bottom Line: This is easily my favorite Doctor Who story from Andy Diggle. He puts in a ton of moments that will please longtime Whovians and wraps up his yearlong arc in style. Just like traveling with The Doctor, the ride is might be a little bumpy but it’s definitely worth the trip. 4/5

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