Review: Doctor Who #10

Review of: Doctor Who #10
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Andy Diggle

Doctor Who #10

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On June 19, 2013
Last modified:June 18, 2013


It’s a solid issue and seems to set up bigger things for the two remaining entries.

The missing Doctor has been found! But now the TARDIS has vanished, leaving him and his companion stranded in a strange dimension with seemingly infinite skies! How do they plan to escape this steampunk world? By using a World War II-era atomic bomb, of course! Join us for “Sky Jacks,” Part 2 of 4!

The second part of The Doctor’s new four part adventure rolls out this week with the release of Doctor Who #10. Andy Diggle and Eddie Robson write the story, Andy Kuhn provides art, Charlie Kirchoff handles colors, and Shawn Lee tackles lettering. Clara found herself in a weird new world after hitting a big red button in the TARDIS. After having her own adventure she finds a bearded Doctor who says he’s been trapped there for a while. Now that the two have been reunited, can they figure out where they are? Does this story deliver or does it make us feel as lost as The Doctor and Clara?

Clara has found The Doctor. He’s been working with the lost airmen from WWII building and tinkering to keep everyone in the air. After exchanging pleasantries, The Doctor and Clara compare notes. The Doctor says that he’s been there for three years, but in Clara’s time in the TARDIS it was just a couple of hours. This bit of information helps The Doctor as he tries to piece together where and when they are. Over the three years he’s been there, he has been bartering and salvaging parts to build a TARDIS locator. It’s a bit wonky, but he is getting a reading at least. Talking things over with Clara, The Doctor has a revelation- they have to find The Wall. Somewhere out there is a wall containing this world in the sky. The Doctor knows the WWII airplane can’t make the journey, but some retrofitting and a neutron capacitor, they can make it. The Doctor and his ragtag crew go right to the enemy’s base and try to get what they need. Can they make it out alive? What will they find if they make it to The Wall?

Diggle writes an apt issue. The story follows the classic Doctor Who structure. The first issue was getting into trouble and the second issue has been figuring out the where and why. This seems to serve as the info dump issue. We find out a lot of the answers but there’s still enough questions to propel the story forward. The art is hit and miss. Matt Smith is known for his big chin and forehead, but a lot of times he comes off more like Bruce Campbell as The Doctor. Other than few odd faces and hands, the art is solid. There is a flashback page showing what happened to The Doctor, and it’s absolutely stunning. We get to see the newest TARDIS interior for, unless I’m wrong, the first time. We’re pretty well in step with the show now that Clara is the comic book companion.

Bottom Line: We get the story progression we need for this large four-part story. It has a big reveal you may have been able to guess, but we get more information than action this time. It’s a solid issue and seems to set up bigger things for the two remaining entries 3.5/5

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