Review: Doctor Spektor: Master Of The Occult #2

Review of: Doctor Spektor #2
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Mark Waid

Doctor Spektor #2

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On July 2, 2014
Last modified:July 2, 2014


Doctor Spektor is crazy and a little more out there this month, but the last few pages makes it worth it all.

Nothing makes sense…everything that Doctor Spektor has ever known is called into question, and he’ll stop at nothing to uncover the secrets and lies that hide beneath the surface of reality. Can the Master Of The Occult overcome his fears, and learn the unfathomable secrets of the universe? Only the legendary MARK WAID (Daredevil) and NEIL EDWARDS (X-Factor) can tell you…

Doctor Spektor is back this month trying to piece things together and finds some answers in the second issue of his freshly launched Golden Key series. The story is written by Mark Waid with art by Neil Edwards. Jordan Boyd handles colors with Marshall Dillon providing lettering. The first issue set up a nice mystery, but how does the follow-up fare?

Adam Spektor saw something unbelievable. While trying to debunk an old psychic woman’s claims during an episode of his hit TV show, the veil beyond the world was ripped and Adam saw some unbelievable and unexplainable things. Then his friend and producer Lenny was killed by forces unknown. Now questioning everything around him, Adam has no one he can turn to except his new assistant Abby. Abby has problems of her own. She’s seeing the ghost of Lenny. When Adam sends Abby on an errand, things get really strange. When reality itself isn’t making sense and visitors from the other side break through, what can be done? Is Adam going crazy or has he found himself involved with something beyond space, time, and himself?

Waid writes a multi layered issue. There’s a lot going on here and you’re not quite sure what it means until it starts to click toward the end. This, to borrow from Doctor Who, is a wibbly-wobbly story that plays with time and even dimensions in some places. This issue heavily hints that Doctor Spektor could have vast importance to the Gold Key universe Dynamite has built. Edwards’ art is solid. The artist does a fantastic job of balancing the ordinary scenes with the extraordinary and fantastical. There’s a good mix of human emotion and big, explosive spectacle. The final few scenes in the lab really stand out and show how much fun Edwards had with the entire thing, which rubs off on the reader. Boyd’s colors really stand out in the lab scenes too. The use of cosmic-y, crackling purples really blows you away and makes the special cameo feel that much more bold and dynamic.

Bottom Line: Doctor Spektor is crazy and a little more out there this month, but the last few pages makes it worth it all. Waid has set up an interesting story that could have huge ramifications for the rest of the new Gold Key comics. 4/5

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