Review: Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #9

Review of: Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #9
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Scott and David Tipton

Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #9

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On October 2, 2013
Last modified:October 1, 2013


Prisoners of Time finally reveals the mysterious villain behind the whole thing, and it does not disappoint.

Our yearlong celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary continues! The Ninth Doctor takes the spotlight in this issue of a 12-part epic adventure featuring all 11 incarnations of the Doctor, with fan-favorite companion Rose Tyler in tow! Plus: Who has been kidnapping the Doctor’s companions? The Doctor’s mysterious enemy revealed!

IDW’s big Doctor Who 50th anniversary rolls on today with the release of Prisoners of Time #9. That means Christopher Eccleston’s 9t Doctor gets the spotlight this month. The story is written by Scott and David Tipton with art by David Messina. Giorgia Sposito handles inks with Scarlet Gothica providing colors. Tom B. Long rounds out the cast with lettering. We’ve traveled through the classic series Doctors and now we’re starting our journey with the modern era Doctors. Does the 9th Doctor’s adventure live up to what we’ve seen from his predecessors?

The story opens inside the TARDIS where Rose is calling Jackie to check in. Jackie, as we well know, is the only thing in the universe that frightens The Doctor. After allowing Rose to finish her conversation, The Doctor tells his companion that he is going to take her to someplace more scenic, just like she’s been asking. The duo find themselves outside of The Grand and Glorious Monument to Drake Ayelbourne of Altair VII. The monument is the resting place for one of the universe’s richest men. What The Doctor and Rose find inside is rather surprising but dealt with very easily. That’s just a small part of the story. The Doctor’s mysterious follower has returned and fully reveals himself and why he’s snatching companions throughout time. You won’t believe who our mysterious gentleman is. The Doctor thought him nothing more than an idiot, and now he’s out to prove him wrong. Can our hero stop this unexpected threat? Will his various companions be lost forever?

The Tiptons write an incredibly strong issue. The opening story feels like a run-of-the-mill Doctor adventure that’s dealt with rather easily, but the second half is all about the reveal of the big bad lurking in the shadows. Having combed over all the previous issues with a fine toothed comb, I thought I had a few ideas about who he was. I was very wrong and I think the reveal will shock most readers. This has been a payoff 9 months in the making and it does not disappoint. Besides the story bits, the Tiptons perfectly capture 9 and Rose’s voices and how their relationship was presented on screen. Messina’s art is, to borrow 9’s phrase, fantastic. Eccleston and Billie Piper’s likenesses are captured very well and the other background and character work is very strong. The art is helped out by Sposito’s inks and Gothica’s colors. Things are very bright, flash, and just pop off of the page. It not only captures the feel of Doctor Who Magazine’s strips, but the show itself.

Bottom Line: Prisoners of Time finally reveals the mysterious villain behind the whole thing, and it does not disappoint. With a villain connected to The Doctor in a surprising way it makes the plot all the more malevolent. We’ve got 3 more issues to go, but the excitement is at an all-time high. 4.5/5

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