Review: Doctor Who Classics #4

Review of: Doctor Who Classics #9
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Richard Starkings, Paul Cornell, Dan Abnett

Doctor Who Classics #9

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On September 18, 2013
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These stories offer up three very different types of Doctor adventures and give you a little taste of what that time period was like.

Doctor Who Classics is back, presenting classic comic strips—many never before reprinted—and in color for the very first time! This issue includes the finale of “Nemesis of the Daleks,” featuring the Seventh Doctor. Also included are “Starway to Heaven” and the first part of “Hunger at the Ends of Time.”

Doctor Who Classics rolls on this month with the release of issue #4. The Nemesis of the Daleks comes to its pulse-pounding conclusion and we get two shorter stories on top of the main course. Nemesis of the Daleks was written by Richard Starkings with art by Lee Sullivan. Stairway to Heaven was written by Paul Cornell with pencils by Gerry Nolan and inks by Rex Ward. Hunger From the Ends of Time was written by Dan Abnett with art by John Ridgway. All three stories ran in Doctor Who Magazine issues #155-158 from 1989-1990. So are these truly classic stories or should they have been lost adventures?

These stories have been out longer than a lot of you have been alive, but I won’t go too in-depth with them so you can remain unspoiled. The Seventh Doctor and Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer race against the clock as they try and stop the Daleks from exterminating an entire race with their Death Wheel. The Doctor has been captured by the angry little pepper pots and it’s up to Abslom and his chainsaw sword to do what he does best as he navigates the passageways to The Doctor’s location. Someone will have to make the ultimate sacrifice if the Death Wheel is to be shut down. Has The Doctor found a situation not even he can fix? Will Abslom Daak get to take out a whole galaxy’s worth of Daleks in the process?

After the conclusion of Nemesis we get a short story from Paul Cornell featuring The Doctor finding himself at the center of a genetic art exhibit. A sleazy artist and an uncaring public test The Doctor like never before. Hunger From The Ends of Time is written by Dan Abnett and focuses on The Doctor taking a trip to the library. When he tries to take a break on the planet Catalog, The Doctor runs into some troublesome bookworms.

All three stories are fantastic. Nemesis of The Daleks is the main course, and it ends in style. It’s always great to read a classic adventure featuring the fan-favorite Doctor Who comics character Abslom. The late 80s and early 90s was when Doctor Who comics were starting to do something special. With the show “on break” from 1989 until one night in 1996, the comics were the last refuge for Whovians. With a murderer’s row of writers who have gone on to greater prominence in recent years (Paul Cornell), it was a great time to be a Doctor Who comic book reader. These stories offer up three very different types of Doctor adventures and give you a little taste of what that time period was like. This is a can’t miss for Seventh Doctor fans or Whovians looking to dive into the show’s history. 4/5

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