Review: Doctor Atlantis Volumes 1 And 2


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Follow the adventures of Dr. Julius Fowler as he takes his steam-powered the Atlantis out into the endless sea to explore the unknown!

The second volume or Rare Earth Comics’ series Doctor Atlantis is about to be released. Ahead of the listing in Previews this March and the actual release in May, the good folks at Rare Earth have given us a look at both volumes. Doctor Atlantis is a steampunk adventure set during the age of exploration. It’s an alternate history tale about Dr. Julius Fowler, the acting captain of her majesty’s deep seas exploration vessel the Atlantis. It was created by Ian Ally-Seal and Carl Mefferd. Ally-Seals is the Editor-in-Chief with David Robles providing art direction. Douglass Hansen is the director of productions and Tim Durning is the cover colorist.  So the question for this series- does Doctor Atlantis sink or swim?

atlantis coverIn volume 1 we are introduced to the good Doctor. A boy is lost and adrift at sea floating aimlessly. He is attacked by a giant creature and death seems certain when he is rescued by Dr. Julius Fowler who swoops in and saves him. Our hero takes the boy back to his ship, the huge and impressive Atlantis. The ship is fully automated and controlled by Dr. Fowler with a small whistle that responds to the pitch and tones. The steampunk marvel is the Atlantis and Dr. Fowler is her captain. As the boy recovers, we learn a little about the daring-do adventurer and how he sails the high seas to explore. As Fowler and his new friend, who we learn is named Chosot, try to bridge the language barrier they run across an island of slavers. Chosot’s people are the slaves, and it’s up to him and the Doctor to free them. After that adventure, volume 2 sees Fowler, Chosot, and their new passengers setting sail for their long lost homeland. We learn a lot more about Dr. Fowler’s past and why he is the only member of the crew on the gargantuan ship. Fowler’s past catches up to him and he and his new crew must fight for their very survival. There’s plenty of twists, turns, and fantastical sea creatures along the way.

Doctor Atlantis is a great story that feels like an old fashioned comic strip adventure. You have the dashing hero explorer who is a very proper, but very free spirit. Fowler is the master of his ship and he will fight to keep it that way. It cobbles together elements from sci-fi, alternate history, and steampunk to make a truly unique and compelling story. It feels like an old comic strip character that would be at home with The Phantom, Robinson Crusoe and the like. The art is handled very well. It has a cartoon flair to it that makes for some truly great characters and landscapes.

Bottom Line: Doctor Atlantis is a rip-roaring good series of high seas adventures. It takes a little bit from different genres to cobble together something that makes for a fun ride. One thing I did notice while reading was a slight hint of Doctor Who throughout. You have an adventurer running from his past with one of the most impressive ships anyone has laid eyes on.  Doctor Atlantis gives you a lot to enjoy and you should definitely check it out! You can find out more at

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