Review: Doctor Who #15

Review of: Doctor Who #15
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Tony Lee

Doctor Who #15

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On November 27, 2013
Last modified:November 27, 2013


Dead Man’s Hand has been a thrilling adventure and it looks like things are going to end with a bang.

Deadman’s Hand, Part 3 of 4: The judgement is made, and Earth is doomed! Can the Doctor and Oscar Wilde convince an alien with a vendetta to change his mind? Meanwhile, Clara and Calamity Jane track down Wild Bill Hickok in an effort to unearth the truth behind the gunfighter’s return.

The penultimate installment of Dead Man’s Hand hits this week in the pages of Doctor Who #15. The Doctor, Clara, Calamity Jane, and Oscar Wilde must stop a mad alien who is trying to wipe out everything on earth. The story is written by Tony Lee and features art by Mike Collins. Charlie Kirchoff handles colors with Shawn Lee tackling lettering. So how does Lee’s latest Who effort measure up?

The Doctor and Oscar Wilde have found themselves smack dab in the middle of the big alien base. The Doctor has figured out that the auditor there to judge earth is a T’keyn though he’s acting a little strange. He may have someone else rattling around in his head. The Doctor has asked to defend himself in the T’keyn Nexus in accordance with the Shadow Proclamation. While The Doctor and the auditor are battling inside the Nexus, Oscar is setting out to do a few things The Doctor instructed while he’s inside the matrix. Meanwhile Clara and Calamity Jane are still holding out hope the Cavalry can hold off the mind controlled corpses while they try to find out what happened to Wild Bill’s body. The auditor’s plans have been set in motion and our heroes must all come together to try and hold the oncoming invasion off. Can The Doctor mount a defense in Deadwood without the Cavalry? Can he figure out what else is inside the T’keyn’s head? Will Oscar Wilde ever stop complaining?

Lee writes a fantastic issue. He works in an incredibly 50th anniversary nod while making it fit perfectly in step with the story. It’s almost a sequel to his stunning Forgotten series thanks to a very special full-page spread. Besides the basket full of 50th goodies, Lee writes a thrilling issue that brilliantly sets up the stage for the big finale. Collins’ art is solid. The big battle inside the Nexus/matrix is a particular highlight. His ability to play out…let’s say that particular scene and all the guests involved, is fantastic. The character work is spot-on. The battle with the Cavalry is a real piece of mastery, the Nexus battle steals the spotlight just by being what it is. Kirchoff’s colors are bright and vibrant, very much fitting along with the old west setting around dusk. Again, that Nexus battle is a highlight. Kirchoff gets to do a few little flourishes that really bring the digital battle to life.

Bottom Line: Tony Lee pulls off a great story with a stellar 50th Anniversary Easter egg or two to boot. Dead Man’s Hand has been a thrilling adventure and it looks like things are going to end with a bang. Tony Lee is a man who always gives fans’ what they want. 4.5/5

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