Review: Doc Unknown In The Museum Of Madness #1


When evil threatens the citizens of Gate City, it’s up to DOC UNKNOWN to stop them. In “Museum of Madness,” Doc must prevent the monstrous mobster, Boss Snake, from stealing an enchanted statue. Things quickly go from bad to weird in this first installment of an exciting new pulp action adventure!

We’ve got another review of a great new series that has recently hit Comixology’s Submit releases. This time we take a look at Doc Unknown. The series is written by Fabian Rangel Jr. with illustration and designs by Ryan Cody. Ed Brisson provides lettering. So the real question is whether Doc Unknown is worth getting to know or not?

doc unknown coverThe story opens with a mysterious society of masked men gathering because they have received a transmission telling them it has begun. We then cut across town to a group of mobsters lead by Boss Snake (an actual man who looks like a snake) breaking in to a museum to steal an enchanted statue. The robbery is broken up when our hero, Doc Unknown, comes crashing in through the skylight. A giant fight ensues as Doc makes quick work of the goons and starts to battle it out with Boss Snake. As the two titans clash, Doc reveals to Boss Snake that he knows all about him. We then get a quick rundown of his history and how he was abandoned as a baby due to his unique skin condition. Doc Unknown isn’t doing too well, but then a ghost appears to tell him what he has to do to destroy the enchanted statue and stop Boss Snake. Who is the mysterious ghost? What is that mysterious society up to?

Rangel Jr. writes a letter at the end of the main story and before the backup short. He talks about his inspirations for the series and cites Batman the Animated Series as one of them. You can definitely get that vibe from Doc Unknown. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say it’s a mix of that with some Rocketeer, Hellboy/Lobster Johnson, and Green Hornet thrown in too. It’s a fun, action-adventure, pulp feeling story that really is just a joy to read. This seems to be the appetizer for what’s coming, but it’s enough to pull you in and assure you’ll return. Cody’s art is fantastic. It’s bright, vibrant, and feels like you should be watching this play out on TV. It fits extremely well with the type of story and vibe Rangel Jr. is going for.

Bottom Line: Doc Unknown is well worth getting to know. The debut issue serves up a pleasing adventure that is just really fun. Rangel Jr. and Cody are going to be two guys to watch. You can check out Doc Unknown on Comixology by clicking here. 4.5/5

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