Review: Dinosaurs Attack #5

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Review of: Dinosaurs Attack #5
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Gary Gerani

Dinosaurs Attack #5

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On December 4, 2013
Last modified:December 4, 2013


This is one that reads better when everything is said and done.

This is it… the final battle between humanity and the prehistoric invaders resurrected by Prof. Thorne! Will anchorman Bob Gowen save lives with his newscasts and ward off the attack of a monster lizard? Can the U.S. military stop an army of flesh-hungry behemoths hell bent on mass depopulation? And will a gun-wielding Helen Chambers make the right decision, even as a possibly mad Elias Thorne takes on a real or imagined dinosaur deity for the future of planet Earth? These and other thrilling questions are answered in the apocalyptic conclusion of DINOSAURS ATTACK!

The finale of Dinosaurs Attack! hits this week. The fifth issue is written by Gary Gerani with art by Herb Trimpe. J.K. Woodward handles colors for pages 1-5 with Earl Norem providing the comic’s painted pages. George Freeman handles inks with Gilberto Lazcano providing lettering. Dinosaurs Attack! has been a rocky ride, but does it finish strong?

The final showdown between humans and dinosaurs hit as it’s all-out chaos on earth. The reptilian invaders are eating up everyone in sight and nobody can mount a decent offense or even defense against them. Up in space Helen Chambers is faced with the hard decision of whether or not she believes her ex-husband Elias Thorne is responsible for the invasion. Elias wants to turn the machine that started everything back on in the hopes of sending the dinos back to where they came from. Helen isn’t so sure of Elias’ plan and thinks killing him may be the only option. Helen’s decision will seal earth’s fate one way or the other. What does she do? Will the people of earth be able to stay alive in the meantime?

Gerani wraps things up rather nicely. There’s not really a big story to the series other than dinosaurs attacking, but the conclusion does tie up the Elias/Helen story rather well. This series continues to be one were the art outshines the story. The painted sections continue to provide some amazing dinosaur action while the story sections provide some very crisp and smooth 80s art.

Bottom Line: Dinosaurs Attacks! is the Twinkie of comics. It doesn’t fill you up, it’s probably not too good for you, but it is nice while you’ve got it in your hands. It takes all the over the top action of Mars attacks and wraps it in an ever shinier B movie wrapper. This is one that reads better when everything is said and done. 3/5


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