Review: Dinosaurs Attack #3

Review of: Dinosaurs Attack #3
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Gary Gerani

Dinosaurs Attack #3

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On September 25, 2013
Last modified:September 25, 2013


Dinosaurs Attack is still a fun story wrapped in a retro shell, but it could use some tuning up.

Is anyone on Earth safe from the time-displaced, flesh-hungry dinosaurs, phased into modern-day reality by Prof. Thorne’s particle beam experiment gone awry?  Will a dream-like conversation with a sentient humanoid dinosaur spark a plan to end all this global destruction, or actually hasten humanity’s demise?

The dinosaurs are still on the loose and causing havoc in IDW’s Dinosaurs Attack #3. Whereas the first two issues were reprints of the lost 80s series, this marks the first new issues in over 20 years. The story is written by Gary Gerani with art by Flint Henry. The painted sections of the issue are done by Earl Norem with inks by George Freeman. Gilberto Lazcano handles lettering.

The dinosaurs are still popping up all across the world and destroying everything in sight. Some keep living like nothing is going on, but the army is trying their best to hold the line and keep the dinos from advancing. One general has figured out that the big, lumbering creatures aren’t so dumb after all. The creatures are strategizing and planning attacks. To tackle the dinosaur threat, the army must look at the entire picture differently. High above earth on the space station that started it all, Prof. Thorne and the other scientist are trying to figure out how to reverse the effects of the timescan. While sleeping at his work station, Prof. Thorne is visited by a highly advanced being that explains the situation and what is really going on with the dinosaurs. It’s a lot more complicated than we thought as the scaly visitor explains higher powers, morals, and what the endgame for the entire attack really is. Throne awakens to find he may have the answer but the dream that inspired him may not have been a dream at all.

Gerani’s story fits perfectly with the original two issues even with the passage of time. There is more story than dinosaur destruction this time around, but the plot still feels rather thin. We do get a lot more explained and even some hints at the larger picture, but the main thrust is watered down with looks at other areas of the world and different groups of characters. Last month was mainly beautifully painted dinosaur pages with little story and this is lots of story with very few beautifully painted dinosaur action. It’s a very fun and lively bit of 80s action/B movie adventure, but the perfect balance still hasn’t’ been struck. The updated art still fits in line with the 80s original pages but has a slightly sleeker and cleaner look. Imagine the old pages in HD and you’ve got the updated sections. The dinosaur action, what little there is, is still beautifully painted. The transition between the story and the “dinovision” is a little more jarring than the previous two issues.

Bottom Line: Dinosaurs Attack is still a fun story wrapped in a retro shell, but it could use some tuning up. There are two issues left and hopefully things start to get honed in on the real story and how the scientists are dealing with the invasion. The painted sections of the book are well worth the price of admission alone if you’re a fan of the original card series and Mars Attacks. 2.5/5

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