Review: Dinosaurs Attack #2

Review of: Dinosaurs Attack #2
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Gary Gerani

Dinosaurs Attack #2

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On August 21, 2013
Last modified:August 21, 2013


Dinosaurs Attack #2 is a visual feast, but the story leaves you hungry.

The thrilling DINOSAURS ATTACK! saga continues as Washington D.C. is infested by a flock of pteranodons, with disbelieving politicians their terrified victims of choice. Meanwhile, stalwart scientists try to reverse their terrible mistake and send the prehistoric predators back into the Jurassic past, where they belong.  But will an evil force beyond anyone’s control stand in the way of these Earth-saving efforts?

Dinosaurs are on the attack this week in the pages of the newly restored comic based on the 1980s Topps card series. Dinosaurs Attack #2 is written by Gary Gerani with art by Herb Trimpe and Flint Henry. Earl Norem provides the book’s paintings with finishes by George Freeman. The first issue was a pretty fun B-movie adventure, but how does the second entry hold up?

Dinosaurs are popping up all across America because Prof. Elias Thorne’s Timescan experiment went horribly wrong. The scientists on the space station are trying to figure out what went wrong and what they can do to reverse it. The press on earth is trying to cover the situation and find out what D.C.’s response is, but the Vice President doesn’t buy into all the talk of dinosaurs. He needs some hard proof before he believes it’s anything other than a terrorist attack or plot against the country. He quickly changes his mind when dinosaurs appear in the skies. Is there any stopping the prehistoric menace? Can the scientists high above earth figure out a solution in time?

Gerani’s first issue was heavy on the story with the final pages giving us the beautifully painted dinosaur attacks taking place in the final pages. The second issue features mostly painted dinosaur attacks with the plot being explored in five or six pages in the middle. There isn’t much going on this issue other than nicely painted pictures of dinosaurs causing mass destruction. That’s all well and good, but it makes this entry feel like an art book. Trimpe and Henry’s art is great. The actual story pages are still the fun sci-fi art you can only get in the 80s. The paintings of the attacks by Norem with finishes by Freeman are great. They’re in that great movie poster/pulp magazine cover style featuring plenty of shock and a little bit of gore, much like their Mars Attack predecessors.

Bottom Line: Dinosaurs Attack #2 is a visual feast, but the story leaves you hungry. It’s still fun, wild, and a really cool 50s sci-fi B-movie adventure, but this one is more of a printed trading card set than plot driven comic book. 2.5/5

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