Review: Dexter’s Laboratory #4

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Review of: Dexter’s Laboratory #4
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Derek Fridolfs

Dexter's Laboratory #4

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On July 2, 2014
Last modified:July 2, 2014


Dexter’s Laboratory ends on a high note.

Failing to stop his sister, Dexter has been captured by her royal guards, and now faces punishment at the hands of Princess Dee Dee. As he struggles to endure her torment, can Dexter come up with one last-ditch plan to change their fates? Or is he doomed to live the rest of his life without science?

Dexter’s experiment involving a world without Dee Dee comes to an end this month in the pages of Dexter’s Laboratory #4. The story is written by Derek Fridolfs with art by Ryan Jampole. Jeremy Colwell handles colors with Tom B. Long providing lettering. Dexter’s latest misadventure has been enjoyable, but does the story finish strong?

Dexter succeeded in his plan to create a world without Dee Dee, a world where he is an only child. When he awoke to find Dee Dee was no longer around, he quickly discovered that his annoying sister was in fact the secret to his success. Determined to set things back to normal, Dexter embarked on a journey to find the dimension that was now his sister’s home. To his horror he found out it was a pink, fluffy, rainbow world where Princess Dee Dee ruled with an iron fist. Captured and being marched to his punishment, can Dexter convince Dee Dee that she is his sister and belongs back home? Will Dee Dee give up her dream world so she can go back to annoying her ungrateful brother?

Fridolfs writes his best story yet. This one really gets to the core of Dee Dee and Dexter’s relationship and even reveals some of the latter’s deep secrets. This has been a story about a brother and a sister, and how they learn they actually kind of need each other. Fridolfs does a good job of capturing the show’s essence while still offering up something fresh and new. Jampole’s art does a great job of doing that as well. To borrow a line from A Christmas Story, Jampole crafts a world that to Dexter is a ‘pink nightmare.’ This fluffy world of unicorns and magic is everything Dexter hates, so of course Dee Dee thrives. Jampole has a lot of fun with some of the gags and even manages to throw in an Easter Egg or two. Colwell’s colors are a perfect complement to the art. Dee Dee’s new reality is bright, vivid, and very, very pink. This is a big, bold, overdone world and Colwell plays up some of that excess.

Bottom Line: Dexter’s Laboratory ends on a high note. Fridolfs and company tell a nice short story about Dexter and Dee Dee and their rather complicated relationship. Fans of the original series will love the big finale. 4/5


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