Review: Dexter’s Laboratory #3

Review of: Dexter’s Laboratory #3
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Derek Fridolfs

Dexter's Laboratory #3

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On June 11, 2014
Last modified:June 11, 2014


Dexter’s Laboratory starts to have a little more fun this month.

Dexter has located his missing sister in an alternate DEEmension…in her own mind! A world of pink clouds, unicorns, and fantasy, but more importantly…a world without science! Unable to use his inventions in this imaginary land, can Dexter find a way to convince his sister to return home and make things right again? Or will she keep her brother prisoner from ever returning back to his lab? The reign of Princess Dee Dee has begun!

The penultimate installment of Dexter’s quest for Dee Dee hits this week in the pages of Dexter’s Laboratory #3. The story is written by Derek Fridolfs with art by Ryan Jampole. Jeremy Colwell handles colors with Tom B. Long tackling lettering. It turns out Dexter’s dream of a life without Dee Dee is really his ultimate nightmare. Can he find Dee Dee and bring her back home?

Dexter created the DreamWish-O-Tron 5000 in the hopes of turning his dream of a life without Dee Dee into a reality. When he awoke to find out his newest invention worked, he quickly discovered that Dee Dee was the key to his creative spark. With no one around to destroy his experiments, Dexter finds he just doesn’t have the drive he once had. Deciding he has to find Dee Dee and bring her back into his life, Dexter makes the jump to an alternate dimension to track his former sister down. Dexter finds himself in a world where Dee Dee reigns supreme. It’s a world where there are unicorns, rainbows, puppies, and lots and lots of pink. Dee Dee is a princess in every sense of the word, and she may not be ready to give that up. Can Dexter reunite with his not so long lost sister? Will he be able to convince her to give up her dream so he can go back to the life he once took for granted?

Fridolfs writes a solid issue. The first two installments set up Dexter’s wish and played out in a not totally unexpected way. The penultimate issue starts to venture into the land of strange and new developments. It turns out that Dexter’s dream is actually his nightmare, but his nightmare has turned Dee Dee’s dreams into reality as well. The pink puffy cloud world full of unicorns and magic are right up Dee Dee’s alley. She’s the princess and it turns out she rules with something of an iron fist. We get to see Dexter and Dee Dee’s role reversed in a way. While there are some story points that continue on in expected ways, it seems the finale is where Fridolfs will really let loose. Jampole’s art gets to be really wild, bold, and over the top this month. Dee Dee’s new reality is the things Dee Dee loves turned up to 11. It’s fantastical and Jampole gets to have a lot of fun bringing it to life. It’s elevated even higher thanks to Colwell’s explosive colors. Obviously pink is the major color theme, but there really is a rainbow explosion throughout the issue.

Bottom Line: Dexter’s Laboratory starts to have a little more fun this month. Fridolfs has given us a story that really explores Dexter’s character and what he truly thinks of his sister. The finale is coming up, and it seems to be setting itself up for something major. 3.5/5


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