Review: Dexter’s Laboratory #2

Review of: Dexter’s Laboratory #2
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Derek Fridolfs

Dexter's Laboratory #2

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On May 21, 2014
Last modified:May 21, 2014


Dexter’s Laboratory has two issues left, and it looks like that’s where things will really kick in.

With his sister Dee Dee removed from existence, Dexter is now an only child! He’s finally able to work in his lab unhindered by her foolish games, and locates the one thing needed to reach his full potential – – but it’s in another dimension! As Dexter attempts to reach it, he finds his dream is about to turn into his greatest nightmare!

Dexter finds out what life without Dee Dee is like this month in Dexter’s Laboratory #2 (of 4) from writer Derek Fridolfs and artist Ryan Jampole. Jeremy Colwell handles colors with Tom B. Long tackling lettering. The first issue got things off to a nice start, but does the second installment provide a eureka moment for the boy genius?

Dexter had finally decided that he had had enough of Dee Dee’s constant interruptions. Dee Dee blows his experiments to smithereens and drives Dexter to near insanity. For that reason Dexter decided he has to get his sister out of the experiment. He created the DREAMWISH-O-Tron 5000 and went to bed with no other thoughts in his head except what a world without Dee Dee would be like. When Dexter’s dreams come true, he finds out the key to reach his ultimate goals lie in another dimension. Dexter is in for a rude awakening. What is the true key to Dexter’s success? Will he be able to find it in a world without Dee Dee?

Fridolfs writes a solid issue. We get to see some of the fruits of Dexter’s genius labor and what he would be able to accomplish if not for his sister messing things up. Fridolfs does play it a little too predictable with the Dee Dee-less world and what that ultimately means. Toward the end of the issue it does appear we’re going in a rather interesting direction though. Jampole’s art is great. The original look and feel of the comic is there with some of Jampole’s own little flourishes in places. Dexter’s lab is a big and expansive space with some impressive designs and inventions housed within. That’s where Jampole really gets to cut loose. Colwell’s colors are a great compliment to the art. Things are bright and cartoony, making each and every panel really pop.

Bottom Line: Dexter’s Laboratory has two issues left, and it looks like that’s where things will really kick in. Fridolfs has a good handle on the characters and he’s setting them up for something that could do something fresh and new. For now it’s still an enjoyable read though. 3/5

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