Review: Demeter

Review of: Demeter
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Becky Cloonan
$.99 on comiXology

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On June 16, 2013
Last modified:June 16, 2013


Becky Cloonan’s short story about a tortured couple is short, but a great read.

demeterBecky Cloonan is quickly becoming a tour de force in the comic industry. Whatever she touches seems to be absolute gold. Demeter, a short story by Cloonan, continues that brilliance.

Demeter is about a lovely couple, Anna and Colin, who seem to be quite happy. Cloonan quickly destroys that happiness, as some evil force seems to be coming for Colin. Anna knows exactly what it is, and does her best to keep it from Colin. Demeter feels in line with classic sea tales, with a woman trying to deal with her husband going off to sea. Not much is known about the couple, but Cloonon writes it in such a way that the extra information isn’t necessary. Anna is strong willed, and Colin is the perfect guy she is trying to hold on to. A few hints are peppered throughout the story, and they only add to the sadness that the reader feels confused over her reactions, as we both agree and disagree with her. Who wouldn’t want to keep their soul mate with them a little while long. But also, sometimes you just need to let things go. It’s a simple story, and makes the issue a quick read. Demeter has a few metaphors with the Greek God Demeter, who is often associated with life and death. Anna is seen harvest a little as well.

Cloonon conveys an astonishing amount of emotion on the character’s faces. Anna’s face is filled with regret, fear, and terror in one panel. Not many artists can pull of black and white, but Cloonan’s art flourishes in it. The inks are stunning. The dark inking becomes more prevalent as the story takes a turn for the darker. On story alone, Demeter is a very quick read, but it’ll take you forever as you soak up every page. The ocean plays a big part in this story, and the panels flow like the ocean. There is one page where there doesn’t seem to be a traditional panel on the page. The water breaks the “panels” up, but doesn’t affect the readers line of sight when reading. I’d like to see her go back to Swamp Thing do this kind of intricate panel work on that series.

Demeter is available on comiXology under their Submit series. It’s only $.99, and that gets you 31 pages. A good deal if you ask me.

Demeter gets 4.5/5.

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