Review: The Other Dead #5

Review of: The Other Dead #5
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Joshua Ortega

The Other Dead #5

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On January 29, 2014
Last modified:January 29, 2014


This is the pulse-pounding issue that kicks things up a notch for the big finale.

After barely surviving the storm, the President, Tommy, and the other survivors are trapped inside Chet Wayne’s house just as the undead night begins to fall!

The penultimate installment of the crazy zombie animals story hits this week in The Other Dead #5. The story is written by Joshua Ortega with art by Qing Ping Mui. Blond handles colors and Tom B. Long provides lettering. Now that we’re nearing the end of the adventure, how are things faring?

President Obama, Tommy, and the other band of survivors are holed up in gun-nut Chet Wayne’s house as night falls. The undead animal masses are circling and our ragtag band is in real danger. Luckily Obama was able to get a call out and a rescue team is on the way. Undead deer, wolves, dogs, and even bears are on the prowl and they’re not waiting to be invited inside. If you’re going to be trapped in a zombie apocalypse, Chet’s house is a good place to be. He’s armed to the teeth, and everyone is going to need a weapon as the final assault begins. Can the rescue team get there in time? Will they be able to lend a hand or are our survivors going to have to fend for themselves yet again?

Ortega writes an absolutely action-packed issue. Things are fast-paced from page one and keep getting more dangerous and hectic with every panel. This has quickly turned into a story of survival and a few of the finer points have been pushed to the background, but you still care about the characters and whether they make it out or not. This is the issue that delivers on the promise of hordes of undead animals attacking. Qing Ping Mui’s art gets stronger with each installment. There is some absolutely beautiful character work and some horribly grotesque animals on display. The action is well choreographed and everything really pops off the page. That is helped in part by Blond’s colors. This is Blond’s best work for The Other Dead yet. Things are lit beautifully and have a truly cinematic aspect.

Bottom Line: This is the pulse-pounding issue that kicks things up a notch for the big finale. This is all action from page 1, so hopefully the story elements that have sort of been left dangling are tied together by the end. 4/5

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