Review: Dark Shadows: Year One #3

Review of: Dark Shadows: Year One #3
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Marc Andreyko

Dark Shadows: Year One #3

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On June 19, 2013
Last modified:June 18, 2013


Andreyko writes another great issue that explores Barnabas Collins and his descent into madness.

Will Barnabas’ bloodlust destroy everyone he has ever loved? Angelique, the immortal witch, wants revenge on Barnabas for spurning her love… and it looks like his soul mate Josette shall pay the price! As bodies pile up, the cold-blooded Reverend Trask continues his witch-hunt. Who will survive his righteous fury!

The third issue in the new story retelling the origins of Dark Shadow’s most famous character, Barnabas Collins, continues this week in Dark Shadows: Year One. The story is written by Marc Andreyko with art by Guiu Vilanova. Josan Gonzalez provides colors with Troy Peteri handling lettering. So is the third time the charm or has the potential been drained faster than the blood from one of Barnabas’ victims?

The story opens with a fire and brimstone preacher, Reverend Trask, talking to the townsfolk about how he will find the evil corrupting Collinsport and he will rid the town of the witch responsible. Trask is a famed witch-hunter who is promising to use his much touted skills to cure what ails them. What ails them is all resulting from the Collins family, though nobody really knows that. From there we see how many of our other characters are responding to Barnabas’ recent and untimely death. His sister is particularly devastated. She sees her brother, who recently became a member of the undead, outside of her window late one night. It’s a rainy night and she has just recently gotten over her spell of pneumonia, but she rushes out to see if it truly is her brother. Bad things happen to the Collins and that won’t stop anytime soon. She falls incredibly ill and dies. After the funeral Barnabas true love, Josette, goes to visit Barnabas’ tomb to see him one last time. She finds that Barnabas is still up and walking, though he’s not quite alive. From there the two discuss if they have a future together and what type of monster Barnabas has become. Josette can’t accept what Barnabas has become, and she only sees one way for her to possibly be with him. Cue the final scene on a very high cliff. Can Barnabas get there in time to save his love? Has Barnabas really become a horrible monster beyond redemption?

Andreyko writes another solid issue. It’s dark, layered, and entertaining. The series as a whole has presented a great take on the characters, but it’s a bit of a slow burn. This issue more than any other has a big punch at the end to make you tune in next month. Andryko really brings the emotion and macabre worthy of Dark Shadows or even Edgar Allan Poe. Vilanova’s art and Gonzalez’s colors just as strong as the previous two outings. They keep things grim and brooding.  They get a few scenes to play around with when Barnabas lets his vampire side come out.

Bottom Line: Andreyko writes another great issue that explores Barnabas Collins and his descent into madness. The story, as I said, is a bit of a slow burn but it has really been building. Dark Shadows fans new and old really have a treat with this one. There have been three solid issues, but I’m still waiting for that one big moment to give the book a little punch. 3.5/5

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