Review: The Daring Adventures Of Android Jones #2


android jonesToday we have a review from a new short from Jesse Young that launched yesterday. Young wrote an interesting story about an adventurer named Android Jones that went over rather well with fans and critics. Because of that we’ve gotten a 5-page sequel showing off yet another thrilling adventure of our dashing space hero. Joining Young is artist Ryan Cody and letterer Thomas Mauer. The first one was a hit, but how does the sequel compare?

This time Android Jones finds himself somewhere on the planet Kurth on another surveying mission gone wrong. Our hero finds himself on the bad side of what appear to be some religious zealots who are ready to hand jones over to the gigantic and rather vicious Karsa. Bar fights are one thing, but taking on a big 7-headed space beastie is another. Has Android Jones finally found himself in a situation his trusty robot sidekick Pip can’t get him out of?

Young writes a quick, fast-paced, and hugely entertaining story. Doing shorts are hard. You have to get in, tell an entertaining and complete story. Young continues to do this time and time again. We learn everything we need to know in the opening page and then it is all-out drama and thrill as we see what happens to our protagonist. Young can do more in five pages than some writers can do in twenty-two. It doesn’t hurt to have a main character with the swagger of a Harrison Ford type. Cody’s art keeps things alien while still having some sort of grounded realism to it that doesn’t let thing go over the top. There’s very crisp and clean line work that makes Jones, the aliens, and the various beasts really pop. The coloring choices add to that with its use of dark reds, almost burgundy.

Bottom Line: Young and company hit another home run. Not only is this a short read, it’s an entertaining one that still pulls off a lot of things. I highly encourage you to check it out for yourself. You can check out this story, and Young’s other work, by clicking right here.

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