Review: Cryptozoic Man #4

Review of: Cryptozoic Man
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Bryan Johnson

Cryptozoic Man

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On February 26, 2014
Last modified:February 26, 2014


Cryptozoic Man has been a series with a lot of squandered potential.

FINAL ISSUE!!! The piglets have come home to roost! Any and all questions you may have had about Gray aliens, legendary cryptids, forty-story tall demon swine, and insane, sadomasochistic industrialists are answered in this bang-up conclusion to Cryptozoic Man!

Cryptozoic Man concludes this week as the Comic Book Men release issue #4. The story is written by Bryan Johnson with art by Walter Flanagan. Chris Ivy handles inks, Wayne Jansen provides colors, and Marshall Dillon rounds things out with lettering. Cryptozoic Man has been a crazy, and often nonsensical, roller coaster ride. Does the final issue tie things together?

The final showdown between the Cryptozoic Man, his daughter, and the gimp-masked pig man begins as the battle for answers and the fate of the very universe hangs in the balance. Alan Ostman finds out that it might not be too late to save his daughter, but the price he has to pay may be too high. Will all the many questions get answered? Will the Cryptozoic Man be able to save the one person he doesn’t want to live without?

Johnson does an admirable job of answering many of the questions this series has raised. This series has been a very cerebral and metaphysical story that often requires several readings to try and comprehend everything. It’s an ambitious story that could have used some polishing. Answers are given, but they’re just as confusing as the questions at times. This is a story for a very specific audience, one that’s much smarter than myself. This issue starts to show some promise, but it’s a little too late. Flanagan’s art and Ivy’s inks are the real draw for the series. Things are wild, crazy, and very trippy. This is like old school Kirby with a heap of metal and a dash of darkness. Jansen’s colors are a little more subdued this time around. Things are still very colorful and just as weird as the story and art, but it feels a little more reigned in.

Bottom Line: Cryptozoic Man has been a series with a lot of squandered potential. I’m not exactly sure what happened and I read it all together several times. The final pages says “End…?” and I can only hope the answer is a loud “Yes!” 1.5/5

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