Review: Creator-Owned Heroes #2


Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Niles, Justin Gray, Kevin Mellon, Phil Noto, and Bill Tortolini are back for seconds with the next issue of Creator-Owned heroes. This issue features the next installment of Trigger Girl 6 and American Muscle, as well as several articles.

Trigger Girl 6 takes the first spot this time, switching places with American Muscle. The Creator-owned team work well together, so there doesn’t seem to be a strict running order for the comics.  Trigger Girl 6 is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with Phil Noto on art, and is the stand out of the magazine. Trigger Girl continues on from last month’s story, and finds her taking on the President of the United States. The comic is action-packed and features amazing visuals. Noto uses the widescreen panel to great effect as he lays out all of the action and explosions. Gray and Palmiotti work well together, crafting a seamless story that doesn’t feel like a two writer piece of work. More questions are raised about what exactly Trigger Girl is, but the story keeps you waiting for more.

American Muscle picks up with the cliffhanger of the mutant creatures last month’s issue ended on. The crew narrowly escapes as they find out a little about what those mutations are. We learn a little more about the state of the world post-apocalyptic event.  Kevin Mellon does a great job with the art, especially with the full page spread of mutant killing. American Muscle is a good story so far, but the cliffhanger this time seems to be poised to ratchet things up to the next level. You can see American Muscle growing a little bit with each panel. It is starting to hit its stride.

The rest of the magazine is articles from different members of the team. Listen2Jimmy has a great two pages for any artist wanting to use computer programs to expand or get Kickstarter project up and running. It feels like Jimmy Palmiotti is looking out for you as a consumer advocate. The article is a great segment for tips of the trade.  Justin Gray also has an enlightening piece on breaking into the comics industry.  I don’t want to do a bullet point list of articles, but there is an interview with Paul Pope and an interview with a personal trainer as well as some other things the team are up to outside of comics. Bill Tortolini has a nice piece on the unsung heroes of comics- the letterers.

I talked a little about Steve Bunche’s column from last month, and he really brings it for this issue. He has a great piece on “objectionable content” in comics and censorship since the Comic Code Authority. Besides the two comics, Bunche’s column is the thing to be on the lookout for.

Bottom Line: This issue isn’t quite as strong as the previous, but in fairness a first issue should knock your socks off. I commend the team for trying something fresh and new, and they are doing a good job so far. This issue feels a little more like they did things they found interesting, and for the most part it is. There are a few things that don’t quite please, but the comics more than make up for any lag in the article department. Creator-Owned Heroes continue to deliver 4/5.

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