Review: Colliders #1-5


colliders bannerWe’ve got a special review for you today. We’re going to take a look at an indie series called Colliders from writer C.J. Renner and artist Jim Clark. Colliders is hard to put in a box, but it’s a contemporary, sci-fi, conspiracy, mystery story revolving around the Hadron Collider.  Renner was nice enough to send us the five issues out now. Issue 5 is hot off the presses and will be out very soon.

colliders coverColliders starts out with Dr. Abelia Mann, a journalist, going to the Large Hadron Collider to speak with Sol. Abelia is figuring out why Sol and the collider are newsworthy as she gets the tour of the facility and the explanation from Sol of why this all matters. The experimental firing of the collider is interrupted when a well-dressed gunman starts taking out the staff. Sol and Abelia hole up in the control room and try to finish the experiment. The gunman finds them, but he doesn’t kill them. Something strange happens, something that kicks off our entire story. Flash to six months later where Abelia and Sol are a couple. They’re also famous for what happened. This all starts a chain of events revolving around a mysterious coin that was found during the experiment that had its Higgs-Boson Field altered. Our gunman is still out there trying to stop what he was sent to prevent. A deep seated mystery/conspiracy develops involving time travel, the aforementioned coin, and Abelia and Sol. The coin cannot be studied. The person in our assassin’s body was sent back from 22nd century to make sure it doesn’t happen. They’re going to make sure it doesn’t by any means necessary. Everyone is in the crosshairs. But why can’t it happen? Who or what is behind it all?

There’s a lot more to it, that was just a quick and broad overview to whet your appetite. Renner crafts an incredibly intriguing story. The first issue you can kind of see where things are going, but in the subsequent issues the plot thickens and huge ideas are starting to be formed. It can be confusing at times, but Renner keeps all the parts moving and gives us enough to piece a few things together. Clark uses a minimalist approach to his art. It’s all black and white except for a few strategic reds and blues in issue 3.

If you have to compare Colliders to anything, you could safely go with the likes of Flash Forward and Fringe. Unlike some of those types of shows, it seems Renner has everything planned out. If you have a taste for that genre, you will absolutely enjoy Colliders. It’s a great comic full of huge ideas and concepts. There’s a lot of world building with a few answers along the way, it will be interesting to see how this one pans out over time. There’s a lot of promise with Collider and I encourage you to look more into it. You can check out Colliders Facebook page for more on the series and its recent jump to digital.

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