Review: Codename: Action #4

Review of: Codename: Action #5
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Chris Roberson

Codename: Action #5

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On December 18, 2013
Last modified:December 18, 2013


Codename: Action is firing on all cylinders this month.

Operative 1001 has managed to locate the hidden headquarters of the shadowy organization that is driving the world to the brink of war. But even if he manages to rescue Operator 5 and the other prisoners, what then? Locating the enemy is one thing, but stopping the enemy’s plan is something else entirely. And what of the mysterious Dr. Thorpe? Is the scientist behind the doppelganger procedure more than he appears to be?

The retro spy action of Codename: Action returns this week with issue #4. The series is written by Chris Roberson with art by Jonathan Lau. Ivan Nunes handles colors with Marshall Dillon tackling lettering. With two issues left, is the series still living up to its title?

Operative 1001 and Black Venus have decided to work together to infiltrate the mysterious island where Hexagon and Dr. Thorpe are holding Agent 5, the other heroes, and some of the world’s leaders. The duo are able to get into the compound in spectacular fashion, but now they have to find Agent 5 and figure out a way to throw a wrench in Dr. Thorpe’s plans. With a few surprising prisoners on the island, they may find the help they need to pull it off. What are the ultimate plans of Thorpe? Who is Dr. Thorpe anyway? Can the secret agents and assembled heroes stop his evil plans before the world is plunged into war?

Roberson writes the best issue of the series yet. This starts out with fantastic spy action and adventure and then transitions into a pulp-like tale of heroes and villains. This is a book that mixes in a few different genres, but Roberson has balanced it well. This is the super sexy, super sleek spy movie of the four issues so far. Lau’s art is top notch. He really plays around with the panels and the way he lays out the story to great effect.  He literally shakes things up in some spots. From sweeping landscapes to tight shots of the characters pulling off a specific piece of work, it’s a visual treat. Lau even throws in three famous faces as security guards. Nunes’ colors are warm and vibrant, really selling the compound rooms and scientific laboratory settings.

Bottom Line: Codename: Action is firing on all cylinders this month. Roberson delivers more of the fun and sleekness of the series in a big way with #4. If the final two issues are as good as this one, the finale will be huge. 5/5

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