Review: Codename: Action #2

Review of: Codename: Action #2
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Chris Roberson

Codename: Action #2

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On October 2, 2013
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Codename Action is a great series that gives us the espionage action of James Bond with a great pulp twist.

The Cold War threatens to heat up quickly as world leaders on both sides of the Iron Curtain begin pushing for armed conflict. But only a select few know that the ones rattling their sabers are in fact identical doppelgangers who have replaced the real leaders. Can veteran spy Operator 5 and new recruit Operative 1001 uncover who is behind these replacements, and what their agenda might be, before it’s too late?

The second issue of a new six-part series from Dynamite comics based off of the 1960s hit action figure, Captain Action, hits comic book stories today. Codename: Action #2 is written by Chris Roberson with art by Jonathan Lau. Ivan Nunes handles colors with Marshall Dillon providing lettering. The first issue kicked things off with a bang. Does Roberson keep the action going?

Operative 5 and 1001’s car was forced off of a cliff and into the ocean in the final pages of last month’s issue. Being spies, of course their car can turn into an amphibious vehicle with the flip of a switch. Since the two are now believed dead by the villainous organization that is switching out world leaders with uncanny duplicates, they can get to work. When a US diplomat is the next one to be taken, the two agents must get to him before he can be taken. While this is going on, the female French agents have gotten word on their next mission. When it takes the secret out of secret agent, they start to question their orders. When two iconic pulp heroes make an appearance, things take another complicated turn. Can the doppelgangers be rooted out before it plunges the world into another war? The Cold War is heating up, but can 5 and 1001 keep it from boiling over?

Roberson writes a strong issue. We get more 60s spy action, international intrigue, mystery, and some pulp hero goodies as an extra bonus. You can tell Roberson is having fun with this series, and it makes us enjoy it that much more. This one goes by fast but keeps things moving and gives all of our characters fairly equal screen time. Lau’s art is solid. There’s a lot of people discussing things, but Lau keeps things moving and interesting. One page involving the two guest characters feature some great action and a really dynamic action sequence. It’s helped out by Nunes’ colors. Things are bright and vibrant. Nunes does some absolutely stellar color work on this issue that really makes for some stunning visuals.

Bottom Line: Codename Action is a great series that gives us the espionage action of James Bond with a great pulp twist. Roberson and Lau combine to give us a very retro feeling story that’s a lot of fun. 4/5

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