Review: Clone #9


clone coverClone #9 rolls out this week written by David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg, and Wade McIntyre. Juan Jose Ryp provides art with Andy Troy handling colors. Rus Wooton rounds out the cast with lettering. So how does Clone hold up after its big announcement at Comic-Con? Is this another explosive issue?

There are five stories running throughout this issue. We have Beta finding the Navajo land Luke’s parents are currently located. He’s been sent there to tie up all the loose ends. Luke and his group are infiltrating the secret base where Amelia and his newborn baby are being held. They form a strike team to go in hard, go in fast, and get Amelia with as little trouble as possible. Of course there is a lot of trouble once they get into the base. The third story focuses on Amelia and the tribal tattooed clone of Luke. Tattoo Luke has been told the baby and Amelia have outlived their usefulness and it’s time to get rid of them. He is a henchmen, but he’s also a copy of Luke. Because of this he has a hard time trying to decide if he’ll follow orders or save Amelia and the baby’s life. The fourth story takes a look at the Vice President as he’s asked to resign his position. The president knows what he’s been up to and she is ready to hang him out to dry. The fifth story looks at the wheelchair bound clone we saw teased at the end of last month’s issue.

Schulner, Ginsbug, and McIntyre write a story with a breakneck pace that juggles a few too many balls. The story is progressed and each interconnecting story works, it’s just it feels really rushed. It is very much check in here, check in here, check in here with a fight, cliffhanger. Each segment works, but there are points where you’re thinking another page or two would have really been beneficial to certain scenes. Ryp’s art and Troy’s colors are fantastic as always. They craft some great action scenes, bring the emotion when needed, and keep things feeling fast-paced and tense.

Bottom Line: Clone is still a great story, the pacing is just too quick for this particular issue. It makes everything feel fast and frantic like it’s supposed to be, but you’re left wanting to see a little more of certain story segments. Overall though, it is fast, fun, and action packed. 3/5

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