Review: Chaos! #2

Review of: Chaos! #2
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Tim Seeley

Chaos! #2

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On June 4, 2014
Last modified:June 4, 2014


Chaos is one that longtime fans of the various characters will love, but new readers will be left trying to piece together what they can about the characters and backstories.

The hunt is on as the Chosen kids raise the dead in the search for Evil Ernie. Chastity revolts against Purgatori, leading to a vampire catfight to end all vampire catfights.

We take another trip into madness this month as Dynamite releases issue #2 of Chaos. The story is written by Tim Seeley with art by Mirka Andolfo. Walter Baiamonte handles colors with Marshall Dillon providing lettering. Chaos got off to an interesting start, but how are things now that we’re really getting into the meat of the miniseries?

A big war is brewing that could bring on the apocalypse to end all apocalypses. Purgatori is looking to rule the world and get her ultimate revenge on Mistress Hel. The even more villainous Mistress Hel is using her new consort Evil Ernie to bring about Ragnarok. The Chosen are hot on the trail of Evil Ernie as they try to end his cross country killing spree in the service of his new lady friend. Things are getting even more dark and dangerous as Chasity’s search for her boyfriend leads to Purgatori’s doorstep. Can anyone stop Evil Ernie? Will the mass murderer be able to unleash Hel on earth?

Seeley writes a jam-packed issue. There is a lot going on and some of the various story threads are starting to tie together a little more closely than they were presented in the first issue. While the second issue goes along at a rather brisk pace, there isn’t much time to introduce the characters and explain things for newer readers. This story feels like it is designed for the hardcore fans and longtime readers, but there are enough crumbs laid out that new readers can follow along with a closer reading. Seeley’s recent miniseries have really fleshed out the characters and their motivations a little further down the line (brilliantly done in Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash), but this one is a little bit harder of a read for those that don’t have a working knowledge of the Chaos universe. Andolfo’s art is a good fit for this horror series. Her characters are crisp and distinct, bringing the horror and gore without being too over the top. She really nails the Seeley vibe with her art and presents some strong and beautiful female characters. Baiamonte’s colors work perfectly with the art. Like Andolfo’s art, the colors bring the blood and gore without being over the top. The creatures and ghouls really pop off the page as well.

Bottom Line: Chaos is one that longtime fans of the various characters will love, but new readers will be left trying to piece together what they can about the characters and backstories. This is a fun horror series, but hopefully Seeley starts exploring the characters instead of just showing us a string of events leading up to the possible apocalypse. 2.5/5


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