Review: Chaos #1

Review of: Chaos #1
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Tim Seeley

Chaos #1

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On May 7, 2014
Last modified:May 7, 2014


If you’ve been a fan of the characters and the universe, you’ll find a lot to love with Seeley’s story.

Celebrate Chaos’ 20th anniversary and Dynamite Entertainment’s 10th anniversary in 2014! The horror-heroes of the Chaos! Universe return in an epic event! A shared vision of the Apocalypse sets the blood goddess Purgatori, the supernatural serial killer Evil Ernie, the vampire assassin Chastity and the outcast teen heroes of the team known as The Chosen on a collision path with each other! As claws, blood and blades fly, only one outcome is assured: Total CHAOS!

Chaos and terror reign this week with the relaunch of the Chaos! Universe. Evil Ernie, Prgatori, Chastity, and the whole gang is back in a story written by Tim Seeley with art by Mikra Andolfo. Walter Baiamonte handles colors with Marshall Dillon tackling lettering. It’s the 20th anniversary of Chaos ond the 10th anniversary of Dynamite, but is this a big celebration or a party that you’ll want to slip out of early?

The blood goddess Purgatori, Evil Ernie, Chastity, and The Chosen are all going about their usual business (as bloody and wild as their respective business usually is) when strange things start happening. The Chosen cross paths with a girl who has some rather horrible visions about a huge war that is coming. Evil Ernie may or may not be the one that sets everything in motion and cause utter…well, chaos. Everyone seems to be on a collision course and not everyone is going to make it out unscathed. What sort of plan has been set in motion? Who are the key players and what are their roles? Can The Chosen take down something that is exponentially more powerful than anything they’ve gone up against before?

Seeley writes a fast-paced story that gives us a taste of what all the major players are doing. There are a lot of various threads in play that we get small hints as to how they tie together, but the mystery surrounding the entire thing is what drives the story. Seeley’s story will excite longtime Chaos fans, but it will take newcomers a little while to get acclimated to what’s going on. Andolfo’s art is crisp, clean, and sultry. It’s exactly what you’d expect for the new Chaos. I don’t think Evil Ernie has ever looked better. Andolfo has some great, heavy linework in places that help define the characters and gets a wide range of emotion (and action) out of the cast. Baiamonte’s colors really shine. There is a lot going on in this first issue, and many different settings, and Biamonte plays with the light to make some great visuals. This is a macabre series and the colorist is able to pull that off along with some more bright and colorful moments as well.

Bottom Line: If you’ve been a fan of the characters and the universe, you’ll find a lot to love with Seeley’s story. If you’re unfamiliar with the world, you’ll have to spend a little more time making the connections. There is more than enough here to grab your attention and keep you entertained regardless of your level of knowledge. This is a fast teaser of what’s to come more than anything. 3/5

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