Review: Captain Midnight #7

Review of: Captain Midnight #
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Joshua Williamson
Dark Horse

Captain Midnight #

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On January 22, 2014
Last modified:January 22, 2014


Captain Midnight starts to let us in on the secrets this month.

Fighting for his life in Washington, DC, Captain Midnight struggles to do any damage to a secret organization’s brutal assassin. Meanwhile, Agent Jones is abducted by an unexpected captor who may reveal the unsettling truth about the mysterious Black Sky’s motives.

Our titular hero may be facing his toughest opponent yet in this month’s Captain Midnight #7. The issue is written by Joshua Williamson with art by Eduardo Francisco. Stefani Rennee handles colors with Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT providing lettering. This issue gives us a little bit of information about the secret of Project Black Sky, but it is a secret worth uncovering?

Captain Midnight is having a knock-down-drag-out fight at a WWII monument in Washington, D.C. with the assassin Hollow. The gigantic brute is pounding the Captain into pulp. It looks like this could be the end for our hero, but there may be someone looking out for the Captain’s welfare from the shadows. Meanwhile, Agent Jones is abducted by Brain Boy because he’s getting a little too close to the secrets surrounding Black Sky. The most powerful man in the free world summons Jones to his office to let him know a few of the answers he’s looking for. The answers come at a price, but they also come with a job offer. Political intrigue abounds but Captain Midnight might not survive to see what’s going on. Can our hero make a final stand at the WWII monument against the seemingly unstoppable Hollow? Who is the mysterious figure watching the fight from the shadows?

Williamson writes a strong issue. We find out a lot more about Black Sky and start to piece together why they’re doing what they’re doing in the present. A lot of cards are flipped over but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. We also get to see more defining aspects of Captain Midnight’s character. He won’t stop and he won’t back down when he knows something is right. He understands his inventions are being used in a way he never intended, and he is making it his life’s goal to correct things. Francisco’s art is highly detailed and really smooth. There are a few panels in the fight scenes that get a little rough around the edges, but it works well with what’s playing out on the page. The White House looks fantastic and the surprise character looks spot on to the real life counterpart. Rennee’s colors really shine this month. There’s a lot of explosive action and Rennee brings it to life well.

Bottom Line: Captain Midnight starts to let us in on the secrets this month. Some of the big questions are answered but even bigger ones are raised. As we start a new section of the Captain’s adventures, it looks like we’re in for some thrills. 4/5

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