Review: Black Dynamite #2

Review of: Black Dynamite #2
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Brian Ash and Yassir Lester

Black Dynamite #2

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On May 7, 2014
Last modified:May 7, 2014


Black Dynamite uses this issue to settle into the story we’ll be seeing for the next two issues, and it serves as a pretty good transition on the whole.

FROM BAD TO SUPER BAD. Exiled from the Community and on his own—can the most not-to-be-trifled-with man of international ass-kicking survive Guantanamo Bay? You can bet your sweet ass he can! And if The Man is going to force him back into the game then it’s time for BLACK DYNAMITE to show them how its played.

After being absent for a few months, Black Dynamite is back in action this week with the release of the second issue of his new four-part series from IDW. The story is written by Brian Ash and Yassir Lester with pencils by Marcelo Ferreira. Sal Buscema handles inks with Jim Ringuet tackling colors. Jillian Apfelbaum serves as a story consultant with Chris Mowry rounding out the cast with lettering. The first issue of Black Dynamite’s new adventure really was a powder keg of excitement that was about to explode, but how does the second installment fare?

Last time we saw Black Dynamite, he went walking. After realizing he was the real threat to the community, Dynamite went walking as he tried to put as much distance between himself and the community as he could. He wanted to be done with the game entirely, but unfortunately somebody didn’t want to see him go just yet. Surrounded by forces of The Man, Dynamite was captured. Now our hero is in Guantanamo Bay and The Man has an offering for Dynamite that he’s advised against refusing. When Black Dynamite learns of a new war getting ready to be fought, he’ll find himself having to choose a side other than his own. Will Black Dynamite ever work for The Man? And if he doesn’t, where can he go?

Ash and Lester write a faster and more laser-focused issue than the first installment. The first issue was getting Black Dynamite into position, and this issue is showing us what his real mission is. It’s faster-paced and a little less funky and has some rather convenient developments compared to the debut, but it’s still a fun story. Ferreira steps in to do pencils for the second issue, so the book does have a slightly different look than before. It’s still a retro style that plays on Black Dynaimte’s 70s Blaxploitation roots though. The action is big, violent, and explosive. The pages have a yellowing to them that makes them look like an old movie poster too. Buscema’s art helps to give the book a consistent look as well. Ringuet’s colors help sell the 70s vibe as mentioned above. Things are bright and really pop off the page, but there is that aforementioned yellowing to the pages’ borders that gives it a distinct look.

Bottom Line: Black Dynamite uses this issue to settle into the story we’ll be seeing for the next two issues, and it serves as a pretty good transition on the whole. With the story now defined, it looks like it’s time to have some fun. 3/5

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